Americas Best Drivers Reside in Sioux Falls

by : Mike Bartley

In the recent study conducted by Allstate, it was revealed that the safest drivers in the United States reside in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. According to the "Allstate America's Best Driver Report", an average driver from Sioux Falls will be involved in a traffic accident every 13.7 years. This puts the city over the national average of 10 years. That means that Sioux Falls motorists are at risk of being involved in an accident 27 percent less than the rest of the country's drivers.

"The fact that Sioux Falls drivers retained the standing as America's safest drivers for two years in a row is an accomplishment for which all Sioux Falls residents should be proud," Sioux Falls Mayor Dave Munson said. "The quality of our community driver education programs combined with the careful consideration of our traffic engineering department goes a long way to make our roadways safe for everyone."

Last year, the largest city in South Dakota topped the same study. This shows that the city is indeed serious about maintaining their roads safe. Their driver education practices, as the city mayor said, pays dividend after being given the distinction that they have just received.

The study conducted by the country's largest publicly held personal lines insurance company took into account the country's 200 largest cities. The company gathers data from insurance claims across the country to come up with the winning city. The insurance firm currently holds approximately 12 percent of the country's population in terms of insurance policies issued. This wide coverage gives credibility to the study which gave Sioux Falls the coveted title.

"The primary purpose of this study is to elevate the safe driving discussion by sharing Allstate's report regarding motorists' driving habits with the public," says Mike Roche, the Senior Vice President for Allstate's Claim Organization. "We hope that our findings can help shed light on communities with drivers that could be more tolerant and attentive behind the wheel as well as provide a platform to recognize cities with drivers that have collectively improved over time."

Aside from naming Sioux Falls residents as the best drivers in the country regardless of the vehicle they drive, whether they are equipped with safety and performance parts such as , Allstate also named cities with "America's Most Improved Motorists". To determine the most improved motorists in the country, Allstate delved into similar studies for the past two years.

According to Allstate, the top five cities where motorists have improved with regards to avoiding accidents are from the state of Michigan. The country's most improved motorists are from Flint, Michigan. Close behind Flint are the cities of Warren, Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Sterling Heights.

For Flint, Michigan, the number of years between accidents improved by 3.6 years. For Warren, Allstate reported an increase of 3.2 years. For Grand Rapids, the increase was 2.8 years. For the fourth most improved city, Detroit, the increase is at 2.7 years. Number five on the list of most improved cities is Sterling Heights with an increase of 2.3 years between accidents.

The Allstate Insurance Company provided free gas to motorists of Sioux Falls for topping their study. Motorists from the city obviously appreciate the free gas after the price of gasoline has skyrocketed in recent weeks.