Catalytic Converter for Powerful Internal Combustion Engine

by : Kimberly Baker

To effectively reduce the pollution levels coming from your engine exhausts, your vehicle employs a highly efficient Mazda catalytic converter to reduce the toxicity of emission gases. In any internal combustion engine, the use of catalytic converters comes necessary to pass the required emission tests so you can legally drive in any highway or street. Due to the advent of emphasizing the need to address the environmental issues, EPA has already tightened its regulations in limiting the combustion by-products that are released through the atmosphere. As among the forefront innovators when in comes to automotive engineering, Mazda has equipped their excellent lines of automobile with catalytic converters that feature advanced exhaust purification and emission reduction capacities with the company's standing quest in delivering the best possible fuel economy they could create.

To efficiently facilitate chemical reactions among fuel exhausts, catalytic converters have gone a long way since their power-sapping and pellet-style versions. Now, newer honeycomb converters have been developed to deliver precision flow of exhaust gases while cleaning up your engine from nasty pollutants. Your powerful engine may employ oxidation or three-way type of Mazda catalytic converter. To regulate the toxicity of exhausts, an oxidation converter takes main focus on the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon contents of gases. As the name implies, this type of converter makes use of an oxidation process to speed up the rate of converting carbon monoxides and hydrocarbons into harmless water vapors and carbon dioxide. The three-way type facilitates an oxidation process similar to the oxidation type. Only, it also takes focus in the reduction of nitrogen oxide levels. The inside shell of the part has BB-sized or Monolithic substrate that serves as effect agents that significantly makes the combustion by-products more acceptable to the environment. The substrate material is plated with thin coating of rhodium, platinum, or palladium to assist or speed up the chemical reactions required to reduce emission levels.

Because the part constantly handles harsh working conditions, damages will come inevitable once it has served well and long enough. Broken or rusted out converter body is a clear indication of an already failing part. To have early Mazda catalytic converter diagnosis that is to be followed by timely repair, you must be sensitive enough to the indications delivered by your engine OBD systems. The system makes a great tool in offering accurate and enough information to help qualified service technicians properly diagnose and repair converters during routine checks for maintenance. Because the system is designed to alert you once something goes wrong in the emission control system mechanisms, it could help you optimize the efficiency and service life of your stock converters. In case the part goes beyond repair, you must immediately find new and precision fitting replacement to maintain engine precision and enjoy excellent fuel economy with powerful engine performance. Prolonging the use of an already inefficient converter could cause serious engine damages due to failure and imprecision. A high flow make a great valued investment you can reward your vehicle. Aside from keeping your engine and exhaust clean, the part could yield substantial increases to horsepower and torque so your Mazda ride follows the course of your driving style with no fail.