Ignite the Spark

by : Miranda Restelle

In the industrial revolution of automobile manufacture, the processes that involves the ignition of engines has been constantly modified and developed with the latest advancement in technology. The engine convert forms of energy into mechanical or motion force. This mechanism involves the controlled expansion of gases to produce energy. But before this happens, the engine must be ignited first before it actually does its work. Of the many components and systems that make the internal combustion engine, one systematic process initiates the complex structure that brings the machine to life. One that is responsible for everything else that follow suit, let's take a look at the ignition system.

The main function of the ignition system is to ignite the engine fuel at exactly the right time so that the expanding gases can perform their maximum capacity to work. The primary device that serves as the ignition's front liner is the spark plug. Upon the very turn of the car keys the spark plug ignites the compressed aerosol gasoline by means of an electric spark. This voltage that the spark plug gets comes from the coil which stores the electrons that produces the spark needed by the system. It is the coil that generates the high voltages required to create a thunderbolt-like spark.The ignition coil is basically a device used for electrical breakdown induction that scientifically alter a car storage battery's 12 electric volts to a thousand of volts the needed to flicker the spark plugs. It made of of two coils of wire. The magnetic field of the primary coil collapses rapidly to support the secondary coil. The secondary coil, in turn, absorbs a powerful and intermittent magnetic field. This field activates a strong current that reaches to a very high voltage up to 100,000 volts that is then fed to the distributor. The high voltage flows from the distributor to the correct engine cylinder wherein the spark happens therefore igniting the engine. It may seem elaborate, but the ignition system easily can just be broken down to its integral parts.

In the industry of automobile manufacture, one car maker stands out in terms of incorporating the science of ignitions systems with every vehicle they make. German car manufacturer tycoon VW, produces top of the line automobile brands that boast high-quality engineered ignition coils. VW is currently the 4th largest car manufacturer in the world and the number one car maker in Europe. From the iconic Beetle to its best selling model VW Golf, all of their cars are equipped with VW ignition coils that best responds to the spark plugs. Remarkably, the VW ignition coil improves engine output by transforming a significant amount of electrodes to staggering degrees of high voltage.

Since the is subdued to endure great amounts of torture due to excessive production demand, it may be subject to regular maintenance and check-ups. When your engine fails to ignite it may mean that it is not getting any spark. Inspect the ignition system parts and if ever the ignition coil needs to be replaced, there are a vast selection of VW ignition coils that are out in the market.