Cargo Racks, Cargo Racks: More Cargo on the Go

by : Kimberly Baker

One of the toughest vehicles on the road today is the truck. Named after "trochos", the Greek word for wheel, trucks have become synonymous with vehicles that can bear and transport heavy loads over long distances. There are many types of trucks found on the road today, but they often share the same rugged automotive parts in their construction. Trucks such as sport utility vehicles or pickups, for example, use gasoline engines, while larger types of trucks use four stroke or two stroke turbo intercooler diesel engines, which produce a lot of horsepower to carry huge loads. Trucks can also have similarities in drivetrains. Some small trucks have automatic transmission or a manual transmission with synchronizers, while bigger trucks just settle for a manual transmission without synchronizers, which is lighter weight than synchronized transmissions. Other parts that share the same rugged construction include the chassis, axles, wheels, and pneumatic systems. But there are, however, also other optional parts and accessories that can be installed to your truck to improve the performance and appearance of this already rough-and-ready vehicle. And one of those components is the cargo rack.

Cargo racks are optional components that can be installed into your truck for additional cargo space. So whenever you need to carry more gear for that camping trip in the woods in your vehicle, or you just want to dress up your rig a bit, then cargo racks offer a perfect solution. Cargo racks are specially constructed to carry heavy loads, such as kayaks and large camping equipment. Most cargo racks have large tubes with big 1-inch diameter carbon steel rail tubes, and have 1 inch square T6 aircraft grade aluminum floor tubes. Also, swaged joints ensure a tight fit and enhance the strength of the cargo rack, and button head stainless steel fasteners add strength and improve resistance to corrosion. And to further improve the corrosion resistance, the cargo rack is coated with a premium powder coat finish, wherein five stages of metal pre-treatment with gloss powder coat finish is applied to your car. Cargo racks that are coated with this powder coated finish are especially resistant to corrosion and abrasion, and will not fade or dull over time. And aside from strengthened tubes and powder coating, other features of truck also include aerodynamic beveled crossbars and longitudal floor tubes that reduce drag, floor tubes that are captured within cross bars that provide flat floor while giving a full cargo depth, and custom mount kits, which are usually sold separately, for all types of trucks.

Aside from the standard model of cargo rack, there are also other types of that are available for your truck. One such type is the ladder rack, which is constructed of steel, aluminum, or diamond brite, and has a carrying capacity of up to 1,500 pounds. Other types of cargo racks also include a roof rack, which have a streamlined design that matches the contour of your vehicle, and utility racks that have an extra wide surface for carrying exceptionally heavy loads. But whatever the type of cargo rack, it is always important not to overload the rack. Overloading can create stress on the tubes of the cargo rack and shorten its service life.