Mazda Updates Spiano, A-z Wagon

by : Kraig Johanssen

Mazda Motor Corporation, maker of quality Mazda wheels, has recently released its updated Spiano micro-mini models, known for their friendly exteriors and comfortable interior cabins at Mazda Autozam, Mazda and Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout Japan.

The Mazda Spiano is a retro-styled kei car with a 5-door hatchback body, manufactured since 2002 by Mazda for the Japanese market only, after being marketed first by Suzuki as Suzuki Alto Lapin under an OEM agreement. The Spiano is based on Suzuki's popular Alto kei car. The Spiano has a very distinctive, boxy shape - which is quite popular with female buyers in Japan.

The updated Spiano models offer newly designed seat and door trim fabric, an improvement which, according to the company press release, renders a fresh new atmosphere to the car's interiors. The XS grade has a new chrome front grille, and the Spiano GS includes newly added split rear seats.

Main features of the freshened Spiano:


- New high quality chrome front grille (XS grade)


- Newly designed upholstery and door trim (GS and XS grades: blue or bright orange patterned fabric; SS grade: black and silver monotone design)
- White leaf-pattern instrument panel garnish (XS grade)
- Split rear seat that enables various seat arrangements (GS grade)

The sales target volume for the Spiano range is 300 units a month.

Mazda has also earlier launched its freshened models of the Mazda AZ-Wagon micro-mini range, which has already won high praise for its "space utility wagon" concept.
Improvements to the AZ Wagon's interior and exterior quality levels include new Seat upholstery and door trim, Mazda's advanced keyless entry & start system, and door mirror covers with embedded indicator lights are now available. Additionally, the AZ-Wagon Custom Style range has been expanded, adding the new T grade that features a turbocharged engine.

Mazda AZ-Wagon FT-S Special (FWD model with four-speed automatic transmission)
Main features of the revamped Mazda AZ-Wagon


-Front fog lamps have been added (FT-S Special)
-New alloy wheels with a more stylish design (FX-S Special and FT-S Special)
-Highly visible turn indicator lights affixed to the door mirror covers (FT-S Special)
-New body colors, Jewel Purple Pearl Metallic (FX-S Special and FT-S Special) and the pink-tinged Antique Rose Metallic (FX, FX-S Special and FT-S Special) have been added to the existing color range


-Freshened Seat upholstery and door trim design (all grades except those in the Custom Style range)
-Advanced keyless entry & start system that makes locking/unlocking the doors and starting the engine easier. (FX-S Special and FT-S Special)
-Main features of the new T grade in the Mazda AZ-Wagon Custom Style range
M Turbo engine which develops high torque from low- to mid-rpm
-Highly visible turn indicator lights affixed to the door mirror covers
-Advanced keyless entry & start system

The target sales volume of the entire Mazda AZ-Wagon range is 2,200 units a month.