Consumer Reports Recommends Lexus Rx350, Acura Mdx

by : Lauren Woods

The American magazine Consumer Reports recently announced its recommendation for luxury SUVs. The publication picks the Lexus RX350 and the Acura MDX as the top two luxury SUVs available in the market today. According to Consumer Reports, the new and more powerful engine of the Lexus RX350 makes it a great choice for luxury SUV buyers while the MDX is a well-rounded vehicle which can meet the demand of consumers.

Overall, the Lexus RX350 and the Acura MDX finished third and fourth respectively in the SUV ratings behind the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and the Lexus RX400h. The RX400h is the hybrid version of the RX350. According to Consumer Reports, the Lexus RX350 and the Acura MDX are virtually tied after the tests performed on them.

The new engine of the RX350 is a 3.5-liter V6 engine which is capable of producing 270 units of horsepower. According to the reviews received by the RX350, its handling is not as good as the Acura but its fuel efficiency is the best in its class.

The Acura MDX, on the other hand, is powered by a V6 unit which is rated to produce 300 horsepower. This power output can be enhanced with the use of aftermarket parts such as the system.

According to Consumer Reports, the new Lincoln MKX received good ratings but cannot be recommended due to the fact that Consumer Reports lack data as to its reliability. The MKX finished at the bottom of its class by the brand itself made a big jump by becoming the third best brand in terms of quality during the first ninety days of ownership according to J.D Power and Associates.

Other notable entries to the class are the BMW X5 and the Cadillac SRX. Similar to the MKX, the Cadillac and the BMW luxury SUVs received outstanding scores in the tests conducted by Consumer Reports. Another similarity between the two SUVs and the MKX is that they are not also recommended by Consumer Reports due to lack of information concerning their reliability.

According to J.D Power and Associates though, the BMW brand is below the industry average in terms of problems per 100 vehicles. The study showed that for every 100 BMW vehicles, there are 133 problems encountered. The industry average this year is at 125 problems for every 100 vehicles. Cadillac is even worse than BMW since, according to the study, there were 135 problems encountered for every 100 Cadillac vehicles.

The class is being topped by the Toyota Highlander Hybrid because of its overall good performance and it costs considerably less than the Lexus and the Acura. According to Consumer Reports, the disparity between the Highlander Hybrid and the Lexus and Acura is about $5,000. Another vehicle priced lower than the Lexus and the Acura but has virtually the same ratings is the Honda Pilot EX-L. The RX350 and the MDX is estimated to be priced $10,000 more than the Honda Pilot EX-L. Consumer Reports also pointed out that for those who are looking for SUVs with good towing capacity, the Lexus GX470 is a good choice.