Seized Vehicle Auctions

by : Sunil Tanna

Various federal, state, and local government and law enforcement agencies, (as well as banks and lending institutions) regularly auction off thousands of cars and SUV's. These cars are often sold for a fraction of their retail value, sometimes as much as 90% off book value, and hence can allow you to purchase a vehicle a great saving, or even get a luxury car that you might otherwise be unable to afford.

Perhaps the best known source of vehicles for government auctions, are vehicles (as well as other property) seized from criminals. As not too many drug-dealers drive around in Compacts, the automobiles often include high-end makes such as Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Honda, Mercedes and Porsche, as well as the occasional Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Additionally, government organizations often auction retired fleet vehicles, these include retired police cars and government service vehicles. These cars tend to be regular domestic-made cars, generally with high mileage but well-maintained. For these vehicles (unlike seized automobiles), complete vehicle histories are often available.

The vehicles sold by banks and lending institutions tend to be vehicles seized when debtors have defaulted on their loans. These vehicles can be of any make, and can vary widely in quality, so be sure to check them out thoroughly before the auction begins.

By now, I've probably convinced you that their are bargains to be had at seized vehicle auctions, but the next question is obvious: How do you find seized vehicle auctions in your area? Fortunately there are number of websites which specialize in providing timely information on this topic, and by joining any of them you'll be able to find information government and police auctions that are local to you.

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