Australia Awaits Release of Nissan Gt-r

by : RyanThomas

At the 2006 Tokyo Motor show, Nissan unveiled the concept version of the supercar Nissan GT-R. During the said event, the Japanese car manufacturer announced that the production version of the GT-R will be made available by the end of this year as a 2008 model year car. While the United States auto market will surely be graced by the presence of the GT-R, the Australian sector is still waiting whether the supercar will be released in the country or not.

Recent news from Nissan reported that the GT-R will be officially launched at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. During the said event, the third largest Japanese car manufacturer will announce whether the GT-R will be released in the Land Down Under or not. Nissan Australia general manager Ross Booth said that he is hoping that the supercar will be released in the Australian auto market.

"I still have my hands up for the GT-R," says Booth. "Hopefully, in the next few months we will get to know and put together a case where we can get the vehicle. I think it would be very good for our brand in Australia," he added further.

Aside from the GT-R, the Australian auto market is also expecting to receive the entry of the new Nissan X-Trail, Micra, and the Dualis which is known also as the Nissan QASHQAI. "There will be a lot of interest in Australia for the GT-R, but it won't detract from the local launches," Booth says regarding the entry of the auto models in Australia. "There is so much demand for information about the GT-R that what I'd like to do, if we are going to bring it in, is give an indication of at least when," he added.

The concept of the GT-R is dubbed as the GT-R Proto and is the direct descendant of the Nissan Skyline GT-R which has captured the attention of performance enthusiasts. The GT-R though will be a separate nameplate and its body style is unique compared to other Nissan vehicles. Its resembles that of a Bugatti Veyron which only makes the GT-R a sight to look at according to some performance car fans.

The specifications for the production GT-R is yet to be announced by Nissan although there are words going around the auto industry concerning the powerplant of the supercar. It seems that Nissan will be equipping the GT-R with a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with transmission choice between a six-speed manual and an automatic transmission. The estimated power of the engine is 482 horsepower and a "track" version which will have the capacity to produce 530 horsepower.

With the sheer power and good-looks of the Nissan GT-R, Booth is concerned of the price tag which will come with the GT-R. "We need to be a little careful of the Nissan brand with the fact that you don't want to be selling cars at $200,000-plus," said Booth. "I don't think the GT-R will be up there, but the reality is that we haven't got confirmation that we're going to get it and we don't know what the price or specifications will be," he added.