Mazda Continues to "zoom-zoom" in Oman

by : Kraig Johanssen

The zoom-zoom spirit of Mazda is reflected on every Mazda showroom with all the vibrant settings of attractive wall-to-wall posters which are enhanced further by a new staff uniforms, sleek stands, and badges that creates a totally new ambience.

With this new gimmick the maker aims to capture the interest of young car buyers. Being a youth icon, the automaker has made its presence felt in core youth destinations and hangouts. And by core destinations means that whether you are simply walking out of the Muscat City Centre parking lot or just coming out of Seeb International Airport or going towards the city it is hard to miss out the humongous Mazda posters. That's not all! Mazda posters will also follow you at the bowling alley at Al Masa Mall particularly adorning the wall behind the set of bowling pins.

And since Mazda targets youth buyers it is interested in everything that the youth finds exciting whether it is bowling or inter college quiz competitions and even movies. And speaking of movies at the recent showings of the blockbuster Spiderman 3 at the Al Shatti Plaza, Mazda again has made its presence felt. Special posters were made and Mazda 3 cars were displayed. These special posters invite moviegoers to take a peek into the cars on display while they catch a show of the season's biggest hit. Mazda has also organized an exclusive showing of the James Bond hit Casino Royale by reserving the entire theatre for its customers.

Mazda has also made use of the radio in disseminating news about its products whether it is an announcement of new product launch, radio slots for giving away prizes or simply gaining attention for their ongoing promotions, the radio has become an important media for Mazda. For the promotion of Spiderman 3, Mazda has given away a couple of tickets to those who correctly answered questions on air.

In every promotion that Mazda employs it always strived to be original. It makes sure that it would go beyond more than just a display of cars. In addition, Mazda was the first car brand in Oman to even have a Valentine's Promotion and to celebrate the event, red snazzy Mazdas were made available to liven up the season of hearts.

Mazda has also taken advantage of the popularity and traffic at shopping malls in Oman. It has conducted road shows in their premises. And talking of road shows, Mazda has recently organized a series of road shows at various Lulu Hypermarket outlets across Oman. Mazda believes that the more people links their product to things or activities they enjoy the more that people will remember the brand especially when it came to buying cars and that is why Mazda is doing everything that it can to be popular.

As part of its efforts to be recognized, Mazda often comes forward to sponsor events that highlight its core qualities: insightful, stylish, and spirited. These special qualities are what led Mazda to become the exclusive presenters for the recently held Power Walk event. This event is one-of-its-kind since it has corporate hot shots walk the ramp with their partners, displaying the creations of renowned Indian fashion designer Hemant Trivedi.

According to Annurag Chawla, Brand Manager, Mazda, "A brand is the integration and implementation of a comprehensive marketing programme. Branding is an ode to the quality of a product. In this modern world of stiff competition, one has to be a cut above the rest to be recognized and appreciated. Hence, building brand equity requires immaculate and creative thinking to be able to stand out. This belief is what we translate into our innovative branding and marketing strategies."

Mazda is successfully building its dynamic image to every corner of Oman through innovative media choices, opening of new additional branches and service stations, and the applications of unique kinds of promotional schemes.

About Mazda

Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese automotive manufacturer headquartered in Hiroshima. Japan. As of last year, 2006, the company is expected to produce 1.25 million vehicles per year with sales equally divided among Japan, Europe, North America, and then Latin America.

The company's name is claimed to be derived from Ahura Mazda, the transcendental God of Zoroastrianism. It is also said that Mazda coincides with the anglicized pronunciations of the founder's name Jujiro Matsuda who was known to be interested in spirituality, and chose to rename it in honor of both his family and the Zoroastrians. Mazda also means "wisdom" in the Avestan language. But in Japanese, the company has always been pronounced and spelled as "Matsuda" which leads many to believe that Mazda is nothing but a poorly anglicized version of the founder's name.