The Triple White Limited Edition Vw Beetle Convertible

by : Levi Quinn

Volkswagen has announced the new Triple White, Limited Edition VW Beetle Convertible. This sweet little ride is inspired by the original 1970's Super Beetle and only 3,000 are being made. Crafting the Triple White to play on a Bug lover's sense of nostalgia by modeling it after the famed Super Beetle was a stroke of near genius by the VW design team. Even those who are not familiar with Beetle's history will find the triple White appealing thanks to the classy play of black on white and the sheer adorableness of the peace, love and happiness machine.

The Super Beetle's all white color palate is revisited by the Limited Edition Bug with some great new perks added by the designers. This little bug is made for the twenty-first century driver! 17 inch alloy wheels vaguely resemble daisies with their 5 petal like spokes. The semi-automatic convertible roof folds neatly onto the deck lid reminding one of a folded picnic blanket, and hides behind the included white roof boot. This car just begs to be driven along the shoreline with the top down and the sun on your face. The black and white theme continues in the interior with a black leather wrapped steering wheel, white leather seats and classic VW interior design. The black carpeting ads a little contrast and is a nice addition since white carpeting is quite impractical in a car.

The engine makes a car lover's heart go vroom! This car can meet your need for speed in style! Achieving speeds up to 124 mph, the 20 valve, 2.5 liter engine grinds out an impressive 150 horsepower. The cylinder head's design is modeled after the Lamborghini Gallardo's V10 engine.

The standard automatic transmission and Sirius Satellite Radio are nice touches by the VW folks and top off the comfy feature set of the Triple White Limited Edition VW Beetle convertible.

The Triple White Convertible is also affordable. Starting at $25,990, VW may have hard time placating those who missed out on getting one of the 3,000 available.

The Triple White is destined to be an instant collector's item and the classic Beetle appeal continues with this adorable installment in the VW family of Bugs. Beetle lovers across the country will be scrambling to get one and VW may have to release a second edition of the Triple White to satisfy the demand of the public. This is one Bug that is destined for car museums and auto shows in years to come.

For anyone who has been eyeing a new VW Beetle model but hasn't made the move to purchase one yet, this little Bug is the one to catch. A convertible Beetle is a party in itself! The little flower vase in the dash is also a perfect excuse to buy yourself fresh flowers on a regular basis. This car just makes a driver feel good all over!