Driving Report Nissan Note 1.6 Acenta: Intelligent Box

by : Vladimir Melnikoff

Practical cars do not have to be beautiful. That applied in former times once. Nowadays humans cars buy over the Design - and there the opinions go apart with note. "From the rear somehow amusingly", a voice read, "sees really successfully out" another. Undisputed are however the practical qualities of the Japanese. A journey with large luggage too third mastered the note without detunings.

In the test moved forward the compact Van with from other series already admitted 1,6-Liter-Benziner, which carries 81 kW/110 out HP. More spritziger associated without acoustic remarkablenesses, which besides despite the surcharge-requiring four-stage mechanism (850 euro) no momentum miss let and also with the Spritkonsum negatively was not noticeable. 8.0 litres were it on average. The mechanism is pleasant, it switches softly and without jerking. Only with the kickdown a full of seeds sound comes from the engine compartment. The maximum speed of 175 km/h reached the note easy. Much place close together is the basic concept for a Van - this task settles the note properly.

The FÃ?nftÃ?rer with a length of 4.08 meters and a wheel base of 2.60 meters aims particularly at young families and leisure sportsmen. Inside it offers place and and divided a hinged back bank adjustable around 16 centimeters despite the shortness plentifully. Also the seat-back of the passenger seat can be surrounded, creates place for articles of up to 2.40 m. If the rear seats are completely to the rear pushed, still 280 litres remain trunk volume, which rises up to 437 litres, if the passengers move the seat forward. If the backrests turned down, the transportation volume rises on up to 1332 litres. A Flexi board system in such a way specified (series starting from equipment "Acenta") consists of two covers embodied in different height, which lock under normal conditions with the remaining load bay floor and shield among them lying reservoir forwards curious views. If the plates loadable with 50 Kilos are dismantled, the 437 litres of pilot volume already mentioned are available. On the back they are coated with a genoppten rubber mat, which facilitate the transport of wet or dirty articles.

In addition, a nearly compelling reason the Flexibord is the fact that when surrounding the seats the seat-backs fold and not the seat faces. Thus no even loading area, but a stage develops when surrounding. The fiber boards must fill then the gap. Others can do that better, which let all obstacles disappear with the turning of the seats down also. Folding tables to the rear seats, six Cupholder, a large glove subject and various files make the note the flexible and family-fair transporter. Who pushes the rear seats completely back, place has as in a luxury sedan. The seat faces were criticized however of a 1,90-Mter-Mann as too short. Against it travel-suited GestÃ?hl with tidy side stop is blocked in front in sufficient size. The steering wheel is not only in the height adjustably, nevertheless is a tidy seating position a problem.

Under the passenger seat is a hidden stowage box. Switches and levers are platziert handy, optics and Haptik tune. The rain sensor developed an active independent existence, but that is not unusually and-came already in other vehicles forwards. In the test car the "Comfort package" versÃ?sste with climatic mechanism, sixfold CD change-over switch and evenly light and rain sensor the driver life just like the Style package with darkened disks in the back and 15.Zoll-Leichtmetallfelgen for 500 euro each. ESP is by the way in series of the Top version "Tekna" reserved, otherwise it costs 350 euro specially. In this Fahrzeugklasse incomprehensibly. Even if the note in our test with good comfort and unproblematic handling convinced, certified it technical periodicals a poisonous tail with changes of load. We do not have it on public roads ausprobiert.19 290 euro cost the test car with really sumptuous equipment, the basic price in the equipment "Acenta" amount to with the recommendable 1,6-Liter-Motorisierung 17,040 euro. A navigation system is ex factory intended, but in the trade for 399 euro (TomTom) or 449 euro (VDO Dayton) available. Thus does not only erweisst itself the note as practically and optically independent, but also as good calculates in the price. (ar/sb)

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