Why Cant You Have High Rankings?

by : Carmen Bethel

Online Advertising


( or little note..about things that are right before your eyes)


You only go round once

That is part of a once popular slogan. Do you know who's slogan it was?

Sample example profile:

first name

last name

(444) 345-1446

Always looking for something new. Why surf the same old stuff?

I like online marketing. I don't know HTML. I want to help you find where your profits are.

Today is the start of tomorrow, so I am working on another day now, till I see yesterday.

Would you read that?

You don't have a website address.

Your business card could need a personal profile page a 'web page' address on the world wide web.

Look at all the companies that make money from profile pages.

ICQ, American Singles, Match.com, xpsnsearch.com, Link Share,

Partner Weekly, Ryze, meet-up.com this is just a small cross section.

Following right along..Can you believe that the preceding profile is the beginning of a search engine ranking.

How many profiles do you fill out during the course of a month?

All things being equal..your able to offer support.. to a replicated page of a program by linking..from another webpage you own..

Brand your self, be favorable and bold.

Don't you think your profile is important..?

Think of all the money other people plan to make off your profile...

What was that junk you use to see in search engines? When you read a listing, little price quotes and such...doesn't popularity or repetition count?

Why not make money from your own profile page.

For as little as 1-5 dollars a month, you can have a website.

I want to help find your profits:

Nothing is more exciting than creating , creating a website.

You know you need a website.

You need a website!