Mazda UK Announced Record Sales

by : Kraig Johanssen

Mazda UK has recently reached its target sales of 50,500 vehicles in the financial year ending last March. Mazda's UK subsidiary has played a key role in Mazda Europe's 301,200 sales which were the highest figures recorded for the 15 years of Mazda UK.

Mazda UK Managing Director Rob Lindley said, "But the next few months, as dealers wait for all-new Mazda2 and CX-7 to arrive will be quite an intense time for the industry as a whole."

As a prize for a job well done, Mazda the producer of unparalleled has given its 100 dealers, which is about two-thirds of the total network, a long weekend vacation with their partners in Morocco. This is Mazda's way of thanking them for the efforts that they have given which enable the company to reach its 50,000 sales.

Lindley said, "We hit the numbers we needed to in a tough retail market and in March, the MX-5 had its best ever month." Mazda UK has sold 1,973 units of MX-5 that includes the soft top and roadster coupe; and 2,944 units of Mazda6. The Mazda 6 has achieved a 1 percent increase over its March 2006 record and this is despite of the fact that its one of the older models in the current range.

The UK dealers have already a preview of Mazda2 and Mazda CX-7 crossover Sports Utility vehicle in Germany earlier this month at a European Mazda dealer event. And Lindley is looking forward for these two new models to further boost sales by 3,500 for this financial year to March 2008.

Lindley said, "Our forecast is that we will hit 53,700 in the 2007 fiscal year. We have a lot of new product arriving but it will be in the second half of the year."

Despite the tough conditions in UK, Mazda was still able to make last March its second best ever month with a total of 9,877 sales.

Lindley also added, "Overall I am satisfied in what was clearly a pretty tough challenge for the team. Personally I think it will continue to be tough for all retailers in the year ahead as consumer confidence generally is down in the UK at the moment. Having said that our strong dealer network combined with the latest sports models - the Mazda3 MPS hot hatch along with the more powerful 2.0-litre 143ps Mazda3 diesel and a new special edition for MX-5 in May - will mean sales momentum continues from spring into summer."

For its Europe market, Mazda was able to record 301,200 sales with four other countries namely Russia with 35,500, Spain with 18,700, France with 15,000, and Portugal with 4,350.