Dodge Sprinter: Because you Want it Big and Stylish

by : Evander Klum

Having a big family is not a problem but having a vehicle with enough seats to comfortably seat your family---that is a problem. Usually, big families would get vans like those used in churches and day-care centers. And boy, are they U-G-L-Y!

Anyway despite their lack of aesthetic appeal these vans are quite useful and can really accommodate a large number of passengers-say 15 people, in their largest configurations.

Luckily for us, Chrysler has finally decided to end the reign of these ugly vans and present buyers with a much better alternative that doesn't only look good from the outside but provide the space needed by big families----and it's called the Dodge Sprinter.

The all-new Dodge Sprinter can accommodate mom, dad and all the kids plus luggage in case the family wants to go on a cross-country vacation. The Dodge Sprinter is more like a small bus than a van. Aside from its window models for passenger use, the Sprinter comes in cargo configurations for those who are into cargo-hauling and other money-making uses for a vehicle of this size.

The Sprinter is also offered in other variations that includes extended-length and high-roof models as well as a new mega-roof version which would do great even when converted into a small motor home. Actually the Dodge Sprinter is not a new model, DaimlerChrysler has brought the Sprinter to United States in the year 2001 selling it under the company's Freightliner brand and when it didn't click it was sold under the Dodge name starting 2004.

The Dodge Sprinter was also offered in other parts of the globe as early as 1995 guise as a Mercedes product and believe it or not more than 1.2 million of Sprinters have been sold. The Sprinter is also available in Canada sold at selected Dodge dealers.

The United States is the second-largest Sprinter market with a record of 21,961 units sold last year. Bart Bacon, spokesman of DaimlerChrysler Canada said that Edmonton is the largest Canadian market for Dodge Sprinters and its continuously growing. He also added that buyers are attracted by the vehicle's low operating costs and the fact that it's so handy makes its easy for the driver to enter the cargo area without necessarily having to stoop. Plus, there are also some parts in Canada that has utilized the Sprinter as an airport shuttle bus.

For this year, 2007, the Sprinter has been totally redesigned and was given a new and larger chassis with more variations. Moreover, the 2007 model in base form is made wider, taller, and longer as compared to the 2006 model.

The Sprinter is offered in three vehicle lengths such as 5,910, 6,945, and 7,345 millimeters on two new wheelbases that measures 3,665 and 4,325 millimeters. There is also an extended version available on the long wheelbase that provides customers with a 400-millimter longer rear overhang. The Sprinter also boasts of its three interior-roof height options such as standard (1,650 millimeters), high (1,940 millimeters) and the new mega model (2,140 millimeters) ---these are the common choices for large vans.

The passenger models have a seating capacity of up to 10 people, and each has the same size so everyone gets the same comfort. The seats are all designed to accommodate full-size adults. The extended-length versions have the same number of seats but with more cargo space. The high-roof models make it easy to get to even the rearmost seats since it allows you to walk to the rear even while standing up unless of course you are one of those really tall guys from NBA since you have still need to duck.

Although in some part of the world the Sprinter is used as minibuses for charter trips, airport, and hotel shuttles and for other similar applications but for the US market Dodge would like to promote its Sprinter as a family vehicle. Chrysler is also manufacturing for the Sprinter's maintenance needs. For more info on the Sprinter simply visit the nearest Dodge dealer near you.