Ford Focus Coupe Cabriolet: Enjoy Favorably

by : Vladimir Melnikoff

As the last German volume manufacturers brings now also Ford in the compact class a Cabriolet with concealable steel roof on the market. Starting from at the beginning of November stands the ZweitÃ?rer with the dealers and undercuts with an entrance price of 22,975 euro for the version "trend" with 1,6-Liter-Benzinmotor the competitor OPEL Astra twin Top scarcely and the VOLKSWAGEN Eos clearly. We drove the version with 2,0-Liter-Ottomotor, which is to be had starting from 24,925 euro.
Ideally for benefit drivers

The larger Benziner is the ideal compromise for benefit driver, who is too schwachbrÃ?stig the 1,6-Liter-Aggregat with 74 kW/100 HP and which shrink from extra costs at a value of 2,325 euro for the passage-strong and economical 2,0-Liter Diesel with 100 kW/136 HP. The larger of the two Benziner does not make the open focus straight sportsman, its Kraft is enough however both benefitful sliding as well as the fast intermediate spurt.
Folding roof in 30 seconds sinks

The body developed together by Ford and Pininfarina will split however the opinions. Which the viewer may feel as elegant, will too importunately seem to the other one than. This applies particularly to the problem place of all Coupe Cabriolets: the tail. Ford has design-causes high edge with large tail lamps and a broad chrome border to overact tried, which might not meet everyone taste. In scarcely 30 seconds rather the slowly opening roof folds itself up contrary to models of the competition also only twice instead of up to five times. That is less complicated and concomitantly more economical, does not use however probably the place not so consistently.
More attractive insurance classifications

Also in the interior the focus, for example in the comparison to the VOLKSWAGEN Eos knows not to convince. The plastics are less high-quality, work in some places even cheaply. Disturbing on the test travel proved besides the outside mirrors too small turned out. But the Cologner with an enormous trunk roof opened by 534 litres with closed roof and still 248 litres nevertheless shine with. That is unbeatable approximately 4.50 meters long four seaters also with the total costs, owing to long Wartungsintervalle and attractive insurance classifications.
Technical data Ford focus Coupe Cabriolet 2.0

Two-door, viersitziges Stahldach Cabriolet of the compact class; 2,0-Liter-Benzinmotor, 107 kW/145 HP, max. torque 185 Nm with 4,500 rpm, 0-100 km/h 10.3 sec., maximum speed 208 km/h, consumption of 7.5 litres of Superbenzin/100 km; Insurance: 15 (HF), 20 (VK), 23 (TK), price starting from 24,925 euro.

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