How to Reach Purchasing Agents of Big Corporations

by : A. Asubana

Now business owners and sales professionals can develop a Faster and Easier method of selling to big corporations, Hospitals and Universities, Government Agencies (State, County levels), and other medium enterprises... as well as K-12 (Kindergarten through 12th grade).

This Sales Lead Database will link you directly to the purchasing, procurement, and materials managers/agents of

  • Corporations
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • States
  • Counties
  • K-12

This is not a 'how-to..' information, this is not one of those sales & marketing 'ideas', this is NOT in any way one of those '12 million' (or is it 13 million now?) business leads, or useless bulk free e-mail addresses, direct mass mailings, faxing, internet advertising, and so on....

This is DIFFERENT. It is what every Sales-Professional DESPERATELY SEEK (and NEED):


If you sell IT products, telecommunication products, pc hardware or software, office supplies, and other business commodities listed above, then this Sales Lead Database is for you.

Our typical database record includes the following vital information:

  • Purchasing Staff Names and Titles
  • Their Mailing Addresses
  • Their Direct Phone Numbers
  • Their Fax Number
  • Their E-mail (yes, their direct e-mail addresses)
  • The organizations that provide free bid notification services are noted, so that you may register with them to receive their bids for your products.


1. A Professionally-written Sample Letter that can be customized for your business. This is for those who do not have the time to create one (or just simply do not know how to write one).

2. An attention-getting, non-intrusive simple vendor inquiry e-mail letter.(some of our clients were able to contact over one thousand purchasing agents within a day by using those bulk-email senders - of course, we do not recommend this. One reason is that if you do not have enough manpower, you will be overwhelmed with their responses.)


If you're a strong believer of speaking to C-Level executives, so were we. We were trained to do so as well during our hey-days as sales reps.

See if this seems familiar:

You (or your sales rep) successfully mastered getting through the gatekeepers. You've been successful in obtaining the 'right' contact information of the person to speak with...the CTO's, CIO's, etc...

Do you know what happens next? These Very Important folks pass down your message to their Vice Presidents, then the VP's pass down your message to their Directors, and in turn they pass down your message to the Managers.

You'd be VERY LUCKY if you'd ever get a SINGLE Response from them.

And when they do call, it's just to get some basic information from us.

We were ADDICTED to 'HOPE-ium' (We hoped and wished we'd get a good response)

After all was said and done, guess who we had to 'establish' a rapport with... Yes, you've guessed right, the Purchasing Managers. But wait, aside from the PMs, we also had to communicate with their assistants, who assisted with all the paperwork, the contracts, and everything else in-between.

To many of you this may sound familiar, and to those of you who had NEVER approached Corporations or other Large Organizations ...But are used to dealing with end-users, retailers, distributors, and SMB's - Small to Mid-Size Businesses ...

This is EXACTLY what you experience.

We are sure each of you have several huge house accounts under your wings. We are also sure that it must have taken you months, or maybe even years to develop these accounts.

But WHAT IF you have ten of these accounts? What if you have twenty? Thirty? ...

Well, with a list of over 2,000 companies and organizations with volume purchasing power contained within this database, there is a decent chance that it might take you places.

We all know that The bigger the customers, the bigger the Purchase Orders.

Work Hard, and Work Smart.

Imagine for a moment, if you will...

with a quick single phone call (or e-mail), you can pin-point exactly who to speak with to introduce yourself and your company, and establish that point of contact...


(without ever being thought of as a typical 'Spammer' or a 'Nuissance' or heaven-forbid, one of those 'newbie' telemarketers/sales reps).

After all... your company's image, reputation, and revenue is on the line. You have just ONE shot to start this relationship on the right track.

With this database, you can now CONNECT DIRECTLY to the right person from big corporations and top-name universities such as...

  • ABC
  • American Express
  • Chevron
  • Coca-Cola
  • Lockheed Martin Space Systems
  • Marriott International
  • NBC
  • Qwest Communications
  • Turner Broadcasting Company
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Columbia University
  • Harvard University
  • New York University
  • Yale University

With this Database you'll have the knowledge and direct information that your competitors don't want you to have.

No More Searching the Internet For Leads... Ever, EVER AGAIN.

If this is STILL the way you or your sales reps find leads, you can STOP Right NOW.

Find a buyer for your products or services in a matter of minutes...By using this database. You and your sales team can focus more on developing relationships with purchasing managers without having to spend a couple hours a day surfing the internet for new leads - which will no-doubt exhaust you and minimize your full sales potential.


Why should YOU do all the grunt work just to find your contacts when it's already available for you here and NOW? ... Why should you and your sales team waste the company's time cold calling?

Believe us when we say this... ALL Sales Pros have gone through the bump-n-grind of lead generation - either through the internet, cold calls, fax blasts (which is now ILLEGAL), direct mail campaigns, trade shows, and so on...

These methods are just too TIME CONSUMING and EXPENSIVE with very little or no results at all.

We all know, by contacting the right targeted customers you will be able to eliminate most (if not all) the tedious and painfully boring (and un-productive) repetitive tasks of establishing new leads.

Would you like to speak to the purchasing and procurement managers of AT&T, Chevron, Coca Cola, American Express, World Bank, Target Corporation, Verizon Wireless, and more?

It is YOUR job to find them, and where else can you conveniently find them?...