Hamanns F430 "black Miracle" Design

by : Evander Klum

As expected from Ferrari the new F430 is made stunningly eye-catching. The look as well as the engineering technology presents many resemblances to motor sports racing which means that the Ferrari F430 would also project a "warrior look".

Unfortunately HAMANN Motorsport doesn't think that the F430 is compelling enough so it has created a mid-engine Ferrari that is outstandingly designed to create a racing car look that will surely stand out from the rest of the crowd. The HAMANN F430 will be called the "Black Miracle" and expected to attract attention.

HAMANN's Black Miracle Design

Why "Black Miracle"? Obviously because of its black car body however it's not your ordinary black finish. If you would examine it closely there is the appearance of a primary base coat contrasting with the ready-finished lacquered vehicle. The finish of the car creates the illusion as if the entire body of the car is covered in velvet. Such concept is also derived from motor sports racing where you can usually find a motor that is finished in black matt to reduce glare.

The "Black Miracle" designed by HAMANN is likened to a black hole absorbing all the light. To provide accent HAMANN provides the colors orange, brilliant red and yellow finish basing it to customers' preference. The contrast between black matt and each of the luminous addition creates a mesmerizing effect. In addition, the "Black Miracle" also allows the removal of the foil especially when the black matt color is not that pleasing anymore.

The HAMANN Black Miracle is also equipped with an exclusive aerodynamic kit that comes in dazzling colors that obtain many elements directly out of motor sports. The HAMANN F430 has a distinct racing sports face courtesy of its front spoiler that minimizes front axle buoyancy. Its wide rocker panel wings provide it with a lowered look. More sports racing features are evident at the rear end through the HAMANN diffuser and a powerful rear wing which provides it with more downthrust on the rear axle. The HAMANN air dams are provided for the downforce producing a Venturi Tunnel boosts effect.

Also included in the "Black Miracle" design are finished aerodynamic parts that come in yellow, orange, and red. There are also colored side mirrors and brake calipers, tinted rear lights, a colored engine cover frame, dark tinted windows, bi-colored leather furnishings, HAMANN logos found on the head rests and wheels that are finished in the color of the aerodynamic components and with completely covered black matt rim flange.

Black Miracle's Wing Doors

The wing doors of the Black Miracle are one of its attractions. The wing doors are painted and finished in the same color as the body giving it the impression as if it has just rolled directly off the assembly line.

The Performance

The HANMANN F430 is equipped with a new motronic programming plus a new rear silencer, a sporty high-performance header, and a sport steel catalyst. The F430 "Black Miracle" does not only possess style but an additional boost on its performance of 36 kW/50 hp.

The remarkable performance of the HAMANN "Black Miracle" makes it even more fun to drive. Its specially designed set of suspension springs provides it with the stability that it needs specifically when running at high speed. Moreover these HAMANN springs also helps in lowering the F430 to the ground making it more agile.

The F430 "Black Miracle" is equipped with a 3 piece forged light weight 20-inch"Edition Race" wheel. For the front axle tires 235/30-20 in size 8.5 x 20 is fitted while for the rear axle tires 325/25-20 in size 12.75 x 20 are placed.