Suzuki is 3rd Safest Car Says European Assessment Group

by : Dwyane Thomas

Car manufacturers do not make cars just for the sake of having something to use for transportation purposes. Majority, if not all, always see to it that they consider their customers' safety when using their product so that their clients will continue to patronize their auto mobiles.

Now, a Japanese car won the hearts of European car analysts in an assessment test.

The new 2007 4x4 Suzuki Grand Vitara got the third highest overall rating after earning high marks in the three categories of the crashworthiness test made by the Euro New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP).

Out of five stars, the Suzuki car got four in Adult Occupant rating and another four in Child Protection. In the Pedestrian Protection rating, the 4X4 model scored three out of four stars.

Mr. Kazuyuki Yamashita, SMC's Deputy Staff Manager, Middle East & Africa Marketing Group (Automobile) said their company's excellent ratings in the Euro NCAP reflect SMC's high level of concern for the safety performance of their vehicles. He further said they design their cars with the aim of providing first class protection to all occupants, including infants who are usually the most susceptible to any risks, and minimize the impacts in case of accidents. He added that with Suzuki's safety features, customers will experience a high degree of confidence while driving the 2007Grand Vitara.

The Adult Occupant Test went this way: Dummies were placed inside the car. Then, the impact of a car crash on the driver and passengers was measured. And how did the Grand Vitara fared in this test? The model's sufficiently pressurized airbags, one of the model's safety features, prevented the passenger's head from bottoming out the airbag and hitting into the steering wheel.

One of the reasons why the model also ranked in the Child Protection category is that it has child safety feature such as satisfactory space between the front seats and the child restraints.

As to the Pedestrian Protection category, the board of jury noted the excellent performance of the wiper blades. Upon collision the auto part remained upright and hidden behind the central pillars of the windscreen. This reduces the risks of head injuries for pedestrians. Aside from this, the Suzuki 4X4 model's bumper also won the hearts of the assessors. The auto part also got maximum points for greatly reducing the possibilities of injuries in the leg.

Yamashita said the new 2007 4x4 Suzuki Grand Vitara has been engineered with the aim of combining safety, comfort, excellent performance and luxury. He said Suzuki is still in the process of continuously improving the quality of their automobiles in order to provide customers with great value in every new product that they present in the market.

Suzuki believes the customers are the reason of their existence that is why they continue to bring quality products to their clients.

Other safety features that come along with the 2007 Grand Vitara include front fog lamps, Smart Pass keyless entry and start system with panic button. The vehicle also comes with five-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission, 16-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, seven-speaker AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA audio system, and privacy glass. The 3-door 1.6 Liter engine and 5-door 2.0 and 2.7 Liter engine are the two versions of the winning vehicle.

About Euro NCAP

The Euro NCAP is an international association that is established to provide motoring consumers a realistic and independent assessment of the safety performance of some of the most well known cars on sale in Europe.

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