Ferrari Racing

by : Marian H

F1 car from is made for F1 championships and it is its 50s car created for that prestigious competition. That projects, which was known by the code 655 is a new evolution for ferrari concepts, as seen in F2003-GA. Engineers have completly recreated and redesigned the car. Their goal was to acheive the best possible performence received out of the new engine 053 and of the tyres provided by Bridgestone. They also had to change aerodynamics of the car due to recent technical regulations and rules changes and also get the best posiible efficiency of the whole package. Also its weight distribution is improved and the chassis is completely new. Compared to previous model F2003-GA the weight has been reduced and the car?s structure is improved. Also other parts like exhausts, bodyworks and the rear part have been changed and redesigned. The improvem,ent of handling needed rework of front and rear suspension. There are many new materials being used on the new ferrari car. Their purpose is to reduce weight and size. After F1 regulations and modifications, the 053 engine had to be redesigned to meet those new criteria and acheive its optimal reliability and its life have to be twice as long as in the past but with improvede performance. Some of technical specifications of the engine: Displacement: 2,997 cm3, V10, aluminium cylinder block, 40 valves, pneumatic distribution, Magneti Marelli injection, 7 gears plus reverse, lenght is 4545 mm, width is 1796 mm, height is 959 mm, wheelbase is 3050mm, front track is 1,47m, weight is 605kg.