High Gas Prices = Lesser Travelers in North Carolina

by : RyanThomas

The Memorial Day long weekend is almost just right about the corner but in a study done in North Carolina, it seems like there are going to be less travelers who would be taking part in taking a vacation. The study did reveal that around seven out of 10 drivers from the mentioned state have changed their plans for the long weekend. This group has also divulged that they have also changed their plans of traveling for the last 6 months. They are also saying that they would be doing less driving this summer time. The reason for such changes in driving behavior is because of the rising gas and fuel prices.

The study was conducted by Brogan & Partners and this is a marketing firm based in Raleigh. The whole deal was conducted through a telephone survey that had 600 persons as respondents.

Jim Tobin is one of the partners at Brogan & Partners and he shares, "Disposable income is a zero-sum game, so when high gas prices take a lot more money out of people's pockets, they have to make adjustments elsewhere. It was a bit surprising to see so many people driving less and such a large majority postponing other purchases." Yes, consumers who took part of the survey did also disclose that because fuel prices went up, they had to lessen their purchases of other things that they needed or wanted like perhaps those new that they were eyeing or maybe a couple of new window motors that they could use for their vehicles.

Tobin further analyzes the survey as a whole, "North Carolinians seem somewhat pessimistic about the general direction of the state. It's interesting to see Charlotte, with its generally strong economy and higher incomes, being the most pessimistic about the state's direction. In the early fall, we'll ask the right track/wrong track questions again in North Carolina and see if people's moods have changed."