Wheels for Racers

by : Evander Klum

No matter how much you care for your wheels, the climate and road status can contribute to the performance of your wheels. Nonetheless, these two factors are inevitable and beyond your control. So the challenge is to maintain excellent performing racing wheels.

Keeping the wheels clean is the general rule. Regardless of the type of car - be it a sedan or a race car - or wheels - be it or any other brands, cleanliness is a must. During your weekly car wash, use a soft brush, soap and/or mild degreaser or spray-on wheel cleaner to clean the wheels. And maintaining this means not permitting contaminants to accumulate and stay on the surfaces of the wheels. Regular cleaning is more important to cars used in places with drastic winter season.

Make sure your selected wheel cleaning products are safe for your wheels. And before cleaning the wheels, make sure they are not hot. Make sure they are in cool condition to assure you safety and the wheels' maintained appearance. Also important is sealing your wheels with a sealant that will minimize static and prevent brake dust.

For best results during your maintenance, know the type of wheels your racing car needs.

Chrome wheels with aluminum or steel wheels plates are helpful in order to attract light to the base areas of the car. The chrome finish produces a glossy shine to the wheels when maintained. For light to reflect in your car, clean the wheels with a soft brush or cloth, soap or mild degreaser or any spray-on wheel cleaner. Make sure to wash them off to achieve a glossy shine.

Meanwhile, polished aluminum wheels are mostly used race cars and off road vehicles. They, however, require more maintenance since they are used in intensive speeds and in rocky roads. These wheels also require a certain amount of oxidation since they naturally oxidize as they age. This type of wheels can be re-polished using your hand.

Clear coated wheels, on the other hand, needs very simple cleaning. Soap or any wheel cleaner product, water, and soft brush can do the cleaning.

Consulting a mechanic or reviewing your car owner's manual can be a great guide in determining the type of wheels which are appropriate for your car.

Racing wheels maintenance is essential because the wheels of your racing car are one of those features which make your car truly a race car.