Engine Details of Mercedes Cl 65 Amg

by : Dwyane Thomas

The outstanding qualities of the AMG V12 engine have won for it awards like the "International Engine of the Year Awards" in the "Best Performance Engine" category in the year 2004. The 450-kW/612 hp AMG power unit was proclaimed winner beating over 70 other competitors from US, Japan, and Europe.

In the manufacturing facility for the AMG engine the philosophy is "One man, one engine" which means that each AMG 12 engine is hand-assembled from start to finish by a single engineer following the strict quality standards impose by the Mercedes-Benz. The "one man, one engine" philosophy is documented by the engineer's signature found on the AMG engine plate.

The twelve-cylinder biturbo engine found in the CL65 AMG features the latest technology from the world of motorsport. The highly flexible components and materials assured the continuous influx of power and torque even when operating at extreme temperatures. These components include high precision-balanced crankshaft that is created out from high strength materials; forged pistons made from special materials that are extremely resistant from pressure and temperature; and a more effective oil-spray cooling system with a distinct nozzle for each piston, plus some larger piston pins.

The major and big-end bearings are also made from high quality materials to counteract the pressure and the temperature more effectively. The charge cycle in the cylinder heads gets some advantage out from the optimized combustion chambers as well as on the extended opening times of the intake valves. Moreover, a modified oil pump makes sure that all the parts that need lubrication are supplied with oil even under extreme conditions. To further boost the performance of the AMG engine an engine oil cooler is also added in the front apron with the addition of an extra engine coolant radiator located in the wheel arch.

Redesigned charge-air cooler...
The charge-air cooler has also been modified with a low temperature radiator positioned in the front of the vehicle which was made almost 70 percent larger. The system functions on the precept of an air-to-water heat exchanger for an effective cooling of the intake air which are compressed by the turbochargers before they are made to enter the combustion chambers.

The extra surface area added for the low temperature radiator results in a 25 percent reduction in the intake temperature at full throttle and assures high power and torque output in any operating conditions regardless of the temperature outside.

The casing or the frame of the compressor and the turbine in both turbochargers together with the turbine and compressor wheels has been enlarged producing a maximum charge pressure of 1.5 bar.

The electronically controlled fuel supply with its new developed components functioned with a variable system pressure between 3.6 and 5.0 bar. The fuel pressure is also regulated intermittently in accordance to the required power and the temperature outside. The engine management system interprets the command from the accelerator and makes the necessary action.

AMG sports an especially designed ...
The powerful sound of the AMG twelve-cylinder is guaranteed by the AMG sports exhaust system with two trim chromed tailpipes in the exclusive AMG V12 design. Similarly catalytic converters that has tri-metallic coating can provide a faster response from a cold start and offer an efficient exhaust-gas after treatment and an extensive service life. The CL 65 AMG also complies with the EU4 emissions standard as well as the emission requirements for the US market.

Here are the major data for the CL65 AMG

- Cylinder configuration/valves per cylinder - V12/3
- Displacement cc - 5980
- Bore x stroke mm - 82.6 x 93.0
- Compression ratio - 9.0 : 1
- Output kW/hp at rpm - 450/612;4800-5100
- Max. torque Nm at rpm - 1000 2000-4000
- Acceleration 0-100 km/h s - 4.4
- Top speed km/h - 250

The AMG Speedshift 5-speed automatic transmission and steering-wheel gearshift paddles
The driving power of the new CL65 AMG is distributed to the wheels by the AMG Speedshift 5-speed automatic transmission with AMG gearshift paddles and DIRECT SELECT gearshift. There is also an S/C/M button found on the centre console that enables drivers to choose the driving modes that they want like Manual, Comfort, and Sport driving.

The driving modes will also change the transmission characteristics and in turn alter the accelerator response and the spring/damper settings of the AMG sports suspension basing on the Active Body Control. The gears may also be shifted manually at any time by using the silver-colored aluminum shift paddles on the ergonomically designed sports steering wheel.

The AMG V12 delivers a potent torque of 1000 Nm calls for a powertrain that has been systematically reinforced. For the automatic transmission this will include newly developed clutch plates coated with high quality metallic plus the modified shift and torque converter lock-up logic. These are supplemented with the redesigned shafts, larger hub carriers and made even more durable steel spring links.