Skoda Charouz Racing System

by : Benjamin Hudson

Skoda a subsidiary of Volkswagen maker of is going to join the second Le Mans Series event that will be held Valencia, Spain. The Skoda Charouz Racing System-Lola/Judd team will appear this weekend in Valencia, Spain. For the second Le Mans Series event it will be raced by trio Jan Charouz, Stefan Mucke, and Alex Yoong. The crew believes that this time they will prove the car's immense power just like what it showed in the first race in Monza, where the LolaB07/17 Judd factory vied for podium.

Unfortunately for the team their April chances were crushed by gearbox failure. The technical trouble is unlikely to reappear despite of the efforts given by Lola's engineers in sorting out the construction problem. One of the highlights at the opening of the LMS race was the power of the vehicle painted in Czech tricolor. The factory Peugeots 908 was the only one found faster than the Charouz and Mucke.

The second race which will last for six hours will also measure 1000 kilometers and if in the Malaysian F1 the ex-pilot Alex Yoong was missing, in Monza the team will be complete. The coming race will also be a great chance for the Skoda Charouz team to prepare for the peak of the season which the famous June marathon 24 Hours Le Mans.

The MÃ?cke's start is still uncertain, but the Berliner figured it out amazingly. During the day, he what he will do is to make it to both FIA Grand Turismo in Silverstone and the Spanish six-hour race. And together with a few other drivers he will avail of the charter flight between the British and Spanish circuits. He will then launch the Lamborghini Murcielago into the two-hour race transferred the wheel to compatriot Frank Biela and take off for Valencia where he is expected to drive the final part of the six hours.

The Valencia race is a wider competition than Monza as a matter of fact at least 46 cars enrolled for the race of which 23 are sport prototypes. The Czech Lola/Jud belongs in the elite LMP1 class. For this coming race there will be two experienced and fast crews that skipped the Italian opening that will be joining: Swiss team Swiss Spirit (Deletraz, Fassler, Alexander-David) and British team Arena (Johansson, Shimoda). The Valencia race will be broadcasted by Czech TV channel Galaxie Sport in a series of live and record programs (12.55-13.50, 15.55-16.50 a 19.10-20.05).