Clean Up your Moms Car for Mothers Day

by : Lauren Woods

In a couple of days, Mother's Day would soon be here. Write down that date. May 13. That should be a date for you to give your mother something real good during this special day. Although there may be tons of special stuff you can send her like chocolates or recipe books or cookies or flowers or maybe a new , your mother may really even better appreciate it if you cleaned up her car.

Rich White is the executive director for the Car Care Council and he expresses, "Just about every mom knows what it feels like to have a water bottle rolling dangerously close to the brake or gas pedal. Getting this stuff out of the car and giving it a good thorough cleaning will go a long way toward eliminating hazards that can be a distraction to mom, making for safer driving conditions."

You can start the process of cleaning your mother's car by first working out the cabin first. We all do know that as time passes, our vehicles become the extension of our houses so that you can find an accumulation of various odds and ends. Try to sort out all of the stuff inside the vehicle. Clean up the trunk as well. And when all is sorted out, then you start the vacuuming. Make sure that you do not forget to wipe the windows as you move about.

And when you have already finished the interior, then you should start working on the exterior now. Wash everything but just make sure that you use the right kind of soap. Some chemicals in soaps not meant for car washing could actually damage the paint job so read labels first.

If your mother taught you to clean behind the ears and in all other nooks and corners of your body, you should also do the same with your mom's car. Clean all those nooks and crannies like the underside of the exterior which could be the favorite place for road salt, mud, and grime to spend their time.

And when you are done, rinse and polish. You have just successfully completed cleaning your mom's car. The car is ready to be presented to your mother. Just do not forget to greet her with a "Happy Mother's Day".