Car Buying Tips Offered

by : Jenny Mclane

As the summer approaches, car buyers are looking for new cars and to help them pick the right car at the lowest possible price, Sid Kirchheimer offered car buying tips in his book "Scam-Proof Your Life". The book offered tips to buyers since everyone is looking for the best deals in the market and shopping for a new car is not an exemption to this rule. The sheer price of new automobiles is enough to make car buyers think twice when buying one. The tips shared by the author of the book are aimed to give car buyers an idea how to get the lowest possible price of their prospected cars.

The first tip given to car buyers is to plan when they will visit dealerships. The book reveals that the perfect time to visit showrooms is during the last weekend of the month. This is because car dealerships during this time are hard-pressed to sell vehicles to reach quotas. During this time, dealerships will be glad to sell cars even for less profit. Car buyers are urged to take advantage of this situation if they want to get a good deal in buying a car. Kirchheimer advises care buyers to visit dealerships first thing Saturday morning or just before the showroom closes on a Sunday towards the end of the month. Aside from planning when you will visit a dealership, it is also wise to take note of the number of vehicles on the dealership's lot if possible. Try to see the number of vehicles like the one you are prospecting to buy. The more vehicles that the dealership has in stock, the more they will be eager to part with it. This means that they will sell the car even with very little profit.

Another tip offered to prospective car buyers is to look for the fleet manager of the dealership. This is because fleet mangers are paid according to the number of vehicles they sold no matter how much they sell them. Consumers will have better luck striking a good deal with fleet managers tan sales persons since the latter are paid depending on how much they sell a particular car. One thing that consumers need to do in order to find the fleet manager is to contact the dealership and ask for the manager's name. After that, car buyers can then set an appointment.

Another tip being offered by the book is to go to dealerships armed with information. This makes you less vulnerable to being forced to buy cars at absurdly high prices. For this, there are online sources of information where consumers can get an idea of how much a car really costs. This will then help consumers decide whether they are striking a bad deal or a real good one.

Aside from these tips, the book also advises car buyers to never be offensive when making a deal. This is of utmost importance since this attitude should be a part of every person. Furthermore, dealers tend to take care of consumers they like. This means that if the person you are talking to in the process of buying a car gets to like you, there is a chance that you would strike a good deal. It is of course necessary to test drive your prospected car to look for faults in the performance especially in the safety features like brakes. Even after buying a car, consumers can also install aftermarket parts such as in order to take care of their investments and safeguard their safety.