Mercedes Wiper Blade-squeaky Clean With One Sweeping Motion

by : Dwyane Thomas

Be it snow or rain, mud or even debris, the windshield of a Mercedes Benz needs to be clear so that the driver have the full visibility in avoiding the bumps, potholes, or even accidents waiting to happen. It needs a device to wipe these eyesores not only to clean but to protect form harm, as well.

The windscreen wiper does this job. It cleans out unnecessary elements that pose as distractions to the focused driving vision of a Merc owner. The assembly consists of: the arm pivoting at one end, the motor that powers the assembly and the blade that attaches to the arm. The blade is swung back and forth over the glass, pushing water and other elements from its surface. Generally, the speed is being controlled with several continuous speeds and often one or more "intermittent" settings. Most automobiles use two synchronized radial type arms, while many commercial vehicles use one or more pantograph arms. To note, Mercedes-Benz pioneered a system called the "Monoblade" wherein a single wiper extends outward to get closer to the top corners, and pulls in at the ends and middle of the stroke, sweeping out a somewhat 'W'-shaped path.

The work like squeegees as the arms drag a thin rubber strip across the windshield to sweep out water. With a new set of Mercedes wiper blades, it is efficient as it leaves no sign of leftover with every swing across the windshield. Bu time will wear it off, with nicks and cracks and road grime building on its edge that doesn't make a tight seal. This leaves room for streaks.

You can get an extra mileage by wiping the edge with a cloth soaked in window cleaner until no more dirt comes off the blade. Another key to streak-free operation is even pressure over the length of the rubber blades. Wiper blades are designed to attach in a single point in the middle, but a series of arms branch out from the middle like a tree, so the blade is actually connected in six to eight places. If ice or snow forms on these arms, it can make the distribution of pressure uneven, causing streaks under part of the blade. Some wiper manufacturers make a special winter blade with a rubber boot covering the arm assembly to keep snow and ice out.

But if the damage is already severe, have replaced through auto parts stores and dealerships around. Or log online to auto parts sites for a quicker and more comprehensive hunt for that custom-fit wiper blade for the Mercedes.