The Real Deal on Bed Rails and Bed Caps

by : Gertrude

Dressing up your truck with accessories that doesn't only look good but are also functional is the way to do it. Top your truck bed and tailgate too with some sturdy but reliable set of bed caps, or both and discover what these things can do for your truck. However before you get all excited and began bombarding your truck with here are some tips that may help you on how to properly go about your project:

1.Try to improve your standard bed rail looks. Let's face it stock truck beds are pretty boring, add to it some dinged, scratched or dents then it turns into ugly. One of the most common solutions that most truck owners may employ is covering it up with some paint but does it work? For quick cover-up solution a paint job may do the work at first but is not advisable as a long term solution.

and bed caps on the other hand are quite excellent in remodeling jobs especially those that can just cannot be covered by stretches of paint. Bed rails top your truck bed provides a wicked appearance of smooth black or mirror-polished steel. Similarly, a matte finish may also lend a tough edge to your vehicle or you may also give your truck some extra shine if you want to turn heads. Bed caps on the other hand can provide your truck with smooth and rugged looks that can cover up old marks.

2.Premium protection for the paint on your bed rails. One important function of bed caps and bed rails is to prevent damage before it ever reaches the paint of your truck. Loading boxes, tools, bikes, etc, becomes less of a problem with you truck's bed top protected by a set of bed caps. And since they're custom-molded to the exact shape and size of your truck there would be no space uncovered. Bed rails are also effective guardians, rejecting items that would otherwise dent your truck bed. in short they keep your large cargoes from smashing either at the cab or at the gate or bashing into some of your safe containment of stacked loads.

3.Quick and easy mounting. Bed caps are among the easiest accessories to install in your truck. Plus it doesn't require for any drilling which makes it even more perfect for mounting. It has double heavy-duty adhesive foam tape which enables it to be securely attached to the truck. Bed caps can also go from in-the box to mounted in-place in a couple of minutes, at most. On the other hand, bed rails also mount as fast to the stake pockets of your truck by fitting directly in the pocket, the bed rails make use of a bolt and a backing plate for securing to the top of the bed. Trucks that don't have stake pockets will need to be drilled.

4.Strong tie-down strength in securing truck's heavy load. Securing large cargoes or items in the truck bed can prove to be quite tricky at times. However, such task can be made easy by means of lashing them down with a set of bed rails to ensure large cargoes remain stable all throughout the drive. Some of the bed rails are equipped to better handle an incredible 500lbs or more weigh capacity such as furniture, boxes, and many more. Bed rails are also stronger and more convenient to use compared to in-bed cleats and hooks.

5.Durability due to strong materials. Bed rails and bed caps are designed to last. The bed caps which are designed to protect the top of the truck from harsh conditions and are made from either a plastic composite material or sheet metal such as stainless steel or aluminum. They are also especially crafted to last without denting, fading; in short they are designed never to lose their looks.

The perfect material for bed rails are those made from pure steel tubing since its sturdy center supports the anchor point of heavy loads or cargoes. And thanks to their all-steel construction, bed rails have the capacity for holding any load in place. Thick-wall tubing is also used for the center bar while cast steel was employed for the ends.

To achieve the ultimate in protection and looks, the combination of both bed caps and bed rails is the best way to go.