Audi to Add S Line to the A5 Coupe

by : Lauren Woods

Audi, the renowned German performance car manufacturer has unveiled the new coupe A5 at the Geneva International Auto Show earlier this year and is set to sell the luxury car later this year. The grand tourer as Audi calls it has already received praises from auto industry experts and car lovers.

Its competition in the market will be the BMW E92 and the Mercedes-Benz CLK -Class. To help the Audi A5 compete with those heavyweights, the men behind the sleek looking coupe has announced the addition of a new trim line for the A5.

The Audi A5, even the base model, is already a high performance machine and with the addition of the S line, consumers will have the chance to own an even better version of the A5 with sports configuration. The German based car manufacturer announced that in Europe, they will be offering two S trim line for the A5.

Audi enthused that both lines offer a wide array of extra features that will further enhance the performance and design of the A5. In the United States, the S line package will be offered once the Audi A5s start hitting showrooms in the country.

To give the A5 that sports feel in terms of handling, the Audi design team gives the A5 S line a sports tuned suspension lowering its ride height by ten millimeters. The S line will also be equipped with 18-inch 5-spoked alloy wheels or a 19-inch 20-spoke alloy wheels. The additional perks to the already high performance A5 gives it a fighting chance in the competitive luxury coupe market.

Audi will also offer a set of 20-inch 7-spoke alloy wheels with the S line in the middle of 2007. These improvements on the design of the A5 complement perfectly its performance level. Consumers can also enhance the performance of the A5 with the use of performance enhancing parts such as the renowned systems.

While the S line is concerned about the exterior design and handling of the A5, Audi also focuses on the interior of the coupe. The cabin of the coupe is characterized by cloth and leather upholstered seats which are equipped with electrically adjustable lumbar support. That feature offers good comfort for consumers even on extended trips. The plush leather is of course what Audi is known for.

The theme of the interior of the Audi A5 S line is black accentuated by silver stitching which increases the luxury appeal of the vehicle's cabin. Other features unique to the S line are the 3-spoke sports steering wheel and inlays in matte brushed aluminum tone.