Pay Less with Rental Car Discounts and Deals

by : Ben Franklin

Anyone of us will probably stumble upon the need for car rental at one point or another in our lifetimes. If you happen to be on a vacation far away from your home location, or if you are in the process of planning your dream vacation, car renting can always be a serious option for you. The following are a few suggestions that might just make your car rental a less expensive, more enjoyable endeavor.


If you plan to vacation in a far away location, your best choice is probably to go by air. However, once you get there, you will likely need a means of transportation, right? Well, if you plan in advance, you may be able to save a few bucks if you rent a car before you actually step on the plane.

That happens because the most important car rental companies and airline companies collaborate with each other. Each may provide reduced rates for the other's services.

Extra miles, free car rental days, or discount car rental rates are just some of the benefits you might secure. Ask about deals before you book your flight or rental if you know you will need a car when you arrive at your destination.


A small car will always be far cheaper to rent than a minivan or an SUV, in terms of renting costs as well as gasoline consumption costs. If you still must rent an SUV to provide your family with comfort, make sure that you check the online market.

Check rental facilities near the hotel or accommodation at which you will stay, as well as at the airport you'll fly into. Airport rentals are not always more expensive, and they may be the most convenient. But taxing to your hotel and renting from a facility nearby is another option to investigate.


If you have in mind a long vacation, you are in luck. In fact, the longer you plan to rent a car, the better. This is because rentals that span over a week are far more financially profitable than ones rented on a daily basis.

Also, ask the car renting company about special discounts or rates. There are car rental companies that provide special discounts over the weekend or during slow times to attract business.

Whatever you case may be, make sure that you best combine your needs with the rental options and perks that are offered. A rental should be convenient as well as inexpensive for it to be a real value.