Two Volkswagen Models as Finalists in Ad Awards

by : Benjamin Hudson

Early this March, IAG Research, a company that conducts researches and surveys about the primetime television programs watched by the public in major cable networks has released the finalists of their first ever IAG Automotive Advertising Awards. IAG Research also determines the effectiveness of TV advertisement and product placements of domestic and international corporations.

The first ever IAG Automotive Advertising Awards aims to determine the most effective TV advertising campaign of automotive companies, displaying their new vehicle models. The TV ads were aired in 20 cable networks all over the US. Selection of the finalist and winners are based on the votes from over 1 million TV viewers who respond to survey questions conducted by IAG Research.

In regards with this, Volkswagen of America, Inc. has recently announced that the advertisement campaigns for the Volkswagen Jetta and Passat models are among the finalists of the first ever IAG Automotive Advertising Awards. The VW Jetta was recognized as the finalist for the "Most Effective Overall Ad: Non Luxury" category, while the VW Passat wagon was selected as a finalist for the "Most Effective Established Nameplate Launch Campaign."

The 2007 VW Jetta for the "Dance" ad features a person asking a VW Jetta owner how to dance.

The 2007 VW Jetta compact sedan was recognized for the "Dance" ad, which features a black person asking a VW Jetta owner how to dance. The car offers comfort and convenience for customers along with standard including cruise control, CD player, air conditioning, traction control, height-and-telescoping steering wheel, four-wheel independent suspension, electro-mechanical steering, and a standard manual transmission. The VW Passat was recognized for the "Safe Happens" advertisement campaign. The 2007 VW Passat comes in two variants: sedan and wagon, both equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with an advanced direct-injection system.

Meanwhile, here are the finalists of the Automotive Advertising Award along with the 5 major categories:

Most Effective Overall Ad: Non-luxury
- Ford Escape Hybrid: Kermit the Frog talks about being "green"
- Volkswagen Jetta: African-American male asks white Jetta owner to teach him how to dance
- Volkswagen Passat: Women in the sedan are run into by another vehicle

Most Effective Overall Ad: Luxury
- Lincoln Navigator: Basketball star Dwayne Wade helps build an inner city court
- Lexus LS 460: Demonstration of the sedan's no-hands parallel parking option
- Hummer H3: A man turns the SUV into a submarine

Most Liked Ad: Luxury or Non-luxury
- Honda Pilot: A troll stops a family in the SUV
- Jeep Wrangler: A lizard stares down the SUV
- GM Warranty: Cars fly above the street

Most Effective TV Launch Campaign for an Established Nameplate
- Nissan Sentra
- Lexus LS
- VW Passat wagon

Most Effective TV Launch Campaign for a New Nameplate
- Dodge Nitro
- Nissan Versa
- Toyota Yaris

IAG Research will hand the awards on April 4 at the opening of the 2007 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS).