Toyota Trucks Showcase Uphill Thrills at Nashville

by : Anthony Fontanelle

A striking off-road course made of 1,000 tons of dirt and 20 tons of gravel plus the presence of Toyota trucks invite no less than action pact driving adventure. Toyota will also make the test drive free of charge and get lots of excited enthusiasts.

The Toyota Motor Corp. is glad to announce that its Trucks Off Road On Site Adventure is back by popular demand. The adventure brought by Toyota will be visiting a dozen cities throughout the United States to give attendees the opportunity to test drive Toyota trucks that include the 4x4 Tundra, Tacoma and the FJ Cruiser.

"Tour Gives Attendees the Opportunity to Experience the Hills and Thrills of a Full-Line of Toyota 4X4 Vehicles." The amazing off-road adventure will begin at the 2007 Nashville International Auto Show at the Nashville Convention Center on April 6.

The off-road adventure program was launched by the automaker last year and it became an instant success. The automaker has recorded over 25,000 attendees who took test drives and experienced Toyota adventure first-hand. Behind the successful program is a simple philosophy: let auto show attendees get behind the wheel and discover Toyota quality and performance on their own in a fun, no-pressure environment.

For this year's Toyota truck adventure, the automaker has significantly improved its test track. It will be featuring obstacles such as moguls, sand pits, logs, and berms. There is also a hill climb, teeter totter, wood bridge, and frame twister. Toyota's main course accommodates all the three models but the anticipated stunner is the famous FJ Cruiser, which is known for its incredible off-road performance.

The track is also redesigned to coincide with the introduction of the new generation Tundra. The move is resorted to stress the rugged capabilities of the redesigned truck. In the said event, participants could enjoy a thrilling and high-performance ride and the efficiency of . According to analysts, there is a good deal in tugging along the new Tundra to the auto market. It will promise thrilling excitement to win over non-Toyota enthusiasts.

The participants must be 18 years old or older and have a current driver's license. Toyota said minors are allowed to attend the program with a parent or legal guardian, and children can ride as passengers if they are at least 4' 9" or 57 inches tall or over 8 years old. Children eight years and older who are not 57 inches tall may ride with proof of age like the birth certificate or passport. The LP Field will be available to all attendees. It will be absolutely for free.