My Dumbest Marketing Blunder And How You Can Avoid It

by : John Colanzi

When I started submitting Ezine articles, I never realized their true power. I was just happy to see the articles being published.

I expected to get some traffic and hopefully some sales. I would have laughed if you told me those early words would still be floating around the web over five years later.

Well, smack me on the wrist and call me shorty, they are. You would think that's a good thing and it is except... That's the operative word, 'except.' The little critters are still multiplying around the web like rabbits in heat, but there is a little problem. Actually, the problem isn't so little.

This darn problem haunts me. At least a couple of times a week it drives me insane. Whenever I run across it I feel like the dullest axe in the shed.

If I were double jointed, I'd kick myself in the 'hello there.'

So what is this dumb mistake that:

  • Has me pulling my hair out by the roots
  • Has me kicking myself over and over
  • Haunts me like that house in Amityville

Outdated resource boxes with links leading to that dreaded 404 error.

I'm afraid to guess how much money and traffic I'm losing. It's a nightmare. Those babies are doing their part, but crazy John has made the ultimate dumb mistake.

How did this happen? How could I end up looking like the 'village idiot?'

The only answer I can give is, 'I didn't realize.'

I never realized how viral articles were. I had no idea that little articles could circle the globe for years.

I didn't see the big picture. I wrote those resource boxes with no regard for the future.

How can you avoid making the same mistake?

1. If you're going to promote an affiliate program, don't link directly.

Sometimes programs just disappear. Other times, you may find the program hasn't lived up to your expectations.

Set up a redirect page on your website. If the program disappears, or you no longer wish to promote it, you can reset the page to lead wherever you choose.

2. Don't lead directly to your opt in list.

You never know when a list may change their pricing or services. For one reason or another you may change listservs.

A better option is to set up a page on your site to capture addresses. If you leave your present service, you can edit the page to lead to your new list.

If I had set up my links according to option number one for affiliate programs, or two for list building, I'd have kept the leads flowing and the orders coming for years.

Creating killer articles can drive traffic and pull in profits for years. So avoid the mistakes of this 'dumb monkey' and reap the full rewards of your efforts.

Wishing You Success, John Colanzi