Nissan Delivers Yahoo! Gourmet Hot on the Net

by : RyanThomas

The partnership of the Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and the Yahoo Japan Corp. paved way to a tempting new treat for drivers. The companies jointly announced the beginning of a new service that allows drivers to access Yahoo! Gourmet online via the Nissan CARWINGS navigation system in Japan.

It is the very first time that Yahoo Japan's internet services is offered on-board a vehicle. The collaboration of the two companies allowed Nissan CARWINGS users to receive navigation aid and assistance so as to find restaurants complete with images, reviews and barcode coupons through the aid of Yahoo! Gourmet.

The automaker has been constantly offering expanded range of services to bolster driving satisfaction and respond to the growing needs of drivers. The company is not only focused on checking on the quality of or the efficiency of its product lines but it is also focused on other services that would further alleviate the customer's driving experience.

Since October last year, Nissan has been delivering online services through its CARWINGS system. The latter is the world's first advanced integrated internet navigation service, which is formulated to combine the adventure of discovery and information. Yahoo Japan, on the other hand, has been actively expanding its coverage so as to include mobile phones, television and other channels.

Nissan and Yahoo Japan are both able to improve their services to customers by collaborating on the project. The collaboration is primarily aimed at delivering wider Yahoo online access to drivers and occupants of Nissan's various vehicle units and models. The automaker has enhanced its Internet navigation service to allow hi-quality delivery of images from Yahoo! Gourmet.

The previous CARWINGS system of Nissan had provided drivers with information about dining and restaurant but the same was edited by its content providers. The latest collaboration of the automaker delivers greater added value so as to include recommendations from Yahoo! Gourmet readers.
Nissan new CARWINGS delivers three new information channels that include Yahoo! Gourmet word-of-mouth restaurant recommendations, Yahoo! Gourmet restaurants near you, and Yahoo! Gourmet restaurants accepting coupons. The first channel lists restaurants within 15km radius as ranked by Yahoo! Gourmet readers. The second channel lists restaurants within a 10km radius of the current location of the vehicle by proximity. The third channel lists restaurants within a 15km radius of the current location that accept coupons.

The channels map out restaurant locations on the navigation system and state names, profiles, ranking points given by Yahoo! readers, and customer reviews. Such information appears on the display when the car stops, along with images and barcode coupons. The information can be read by most mobile phones. As a result, seamless integration of Internet and vehicle navigation is achieved.