Jaguar Xkr Holds Bowers & Wilkins Premium Sound System

by : RyanThomas

During the Geneva Salon de l'Automobile (or the Geneva Auto Show), the Jaguar brand sent out a new and more exciting version of its Jaguar XKR model. And as part of the new features of the vehicle is the new and the very first production version of Bowers & Wilkins' premium sound system.

According to the company, this sound system is actually the very product of their commitment in bringing the automotive industry products that have authentic sound reproduction. And although the company is known for making sound systems for recording studios and homes, they have also been able to perfect the technique of creating such types of sound systems for vehicles.

The speaker cone material is made up of Kevlar. It is also the same kind of material that is used for other of the company's mid-range speakers. On this, Martin Lindsay, Bowers & Wilkins' senior automotive business manager, elucidates, "All Kevlar is not the same. The technique we specify is designed to minimize distortion therefore minimizing any sound coloration. As a result these speakers produce clearer sound throughout their range and deliver more fine detail to the listener."

In the creation of the speaker components, it took exhaustive weeks of studies and tests. And when it was completed and carefully selected, they became samples which the company employees refer to as "Gold Reference". These samples are the ones that were first completed and these hold the signature of the lead engineer of the product.

Of course, so as to be able to find out if their new sound system would have the right kind of sound that would be clearly appreciated in a vehicle, Bowers & Wilkins had used the Jaguar XKR. Workers from both companies dealt with the mountings of the speakers, the angles and the tuning so as to find out how these new speaker systems are going to sound best when used in a vehicle. It was also quite possible that if the system is used in another vehicle, a Nissan unit, for example, it could not work as fine as it did on the XKR. And this could be attributed to the fact that there are different auto parts and materials used and the list could start with the .

On the completion of the project, Lindsay did continue to say, "After listening to some passages of music over twenty or thirty times, the final EQ emerged. The sound clarity is stunningly clear, defined and very rich. This is the sort of system that you could live with every day."