Mercedes-benz S-class Named Luxury Car of the Year

by : Lauren Woods

Mercedes Benz has been known to produce vehicle that not only provide good performance but also luxury features. The company's dedication to produce quality vehicles was recently lauded by the Fleet News in the UK.

The Mercedes Benz S-Class was named as the Luxury Car of the Year for 2007 and this marks the fifth time that the model received that honor. Fleet News stated that: "The absolute pinnacle. The S-Class covers all the bases in terms of a luxury car - style, appeal, comfort, space and, in the new model, plenty of safety innovations including Pre-Safe and Distronic Plus. In S 320 CDI guise, it also offers fairly reasonable running costs for a car of this type."

The supremacy of the class in its field has already been lauded by different award giving bodies. Recently, the S-Class won in its category at the What Cars? Awards for the seventh time. This shows that the performance and luxury of the S-Class is almost legendary in its own right. Of course, the company behind the vehicle is elated with the award.

"This important accolade proves that S-Class is uniquely popular with all types of customer whether private or corporate. It is unique in offering the very best technology and state-of-the-art engines in a perennially-desirable product," says Kevin West, the National Sales Manager for the Mercedes Car Group. "As well as the refinements our customers expected from their previous S-Class, the newest model introduced infra-red NightView Assist to the world, making night time driving easier - and much safer than before. The latest variants can have PRE-SAFE® Brake, which is the first globally-available system that automatically brakes in the event of an impending impact," added West.

Aside from the awards that the S-Class received from magazines, it is also the first vehicle to have received an environmental certificate from Germany's TÃœV Institute in 2005. This shows that the S-Class range is composed of not only high performing and luxurious vehicles but is also eco-friendly. The award was based on the recyclability of the materials used in the construction of the vehicles. The performance of the car is equal or even better to vehicles equipped with performance enhancing aftermarket parts like a system.

Aside from the car's performance and luxury, it is also equipped with safety features that rival the best in its class. Among its safety features are three-point seatbelts, an anti-lock braking system, dual-stage airbags, satellite navigation, a stability program, infrared night-vision and other passive and active safety systems that are designed to avoid accidents and protect the vehicle's occupants in the event of a collision.

With the auto industry evolving year after year, consumers can expect even better versions of this model from the German car maker.