Mercedes S-class: Fleet News Luxury Car of the Year for 5th Time

by : Jenny Mclane

The Mercedes Benz S-Class range is once again hailed as the Fleet News Luxury Car of the Year. This is the fifth time that the magazine has been granted the honor on the saloon. With the said award, the S-Class has once again proven its state-of-the-art luxury appeal for discerning motorists.

"The absolute pinnacle. The S-Class covers all the bases in terms of a luxury car - style, appeal, comfort, space and, in the new model, plenty of safety innovations including Pre-Safe and Distronic Plus. In S 320 CDI guise, it also offers fairly reasonable running costs for a car of this type," commented Fleet News.

Fleet News is the leading source of news and expertise for auto aficionados and other authorities. The company constantly boosts the ?40 billion company car and van industry in the United Kingdom. It has been reporting on the fleet industry for over a quarter of a century. The company is aimed at giving the industry a unique perspective of the automotive market.

Kevin West, the National Sales Manager Mercedes Car Group, added, "This important accolade proves that S-Class is uniquely popular with all types of customer whether private or corporate. It is unique in offering the very best technology and state-of-the-art engines in a perennially-desirable product."

West continued, "As well as the refinements our customers expected from their previous S-Class, the newest model introduced infra-red NightView Assist to the world, making night time driving easier - and much safer than before. The latest variants can have PRE-SAFE® Brake, which is the first globally-available system that automatically brakes in the event of an impending impact."

Aside from being lauded by magazines, the Mercedes S-Class was the first car to be awarded an environmental certificate by Germany's prominent TÃœV institute. The environment certificate was awarded in 2005. In considering the award, the institute considered the S-Class' construction, materials, recyclability and cutting-edge performance. These features made the car stand out from the rest of the luxury saloons.

The Mercedes S-Class, the series of large luxury flagship sedans manufactured by the automaker, is the first to introduce a bunch of safety equipment and innovations like anti-lock brakes, three-point seat belts, airbags, satellite navigation, the ESP® - Electronic Stability Program, PRE-SAFE® preventative occupant protection system, first luxury diesel car in the United Kingdom, NightView infra-red night vision, as well as autonomous braking. The saloon is also known for its flexibility, aftermarket parts like the could be integrated to the car without compromising quality and performance. These features pushed the luxury saloon to etch several milestones in the industry.