New Tools for Trapped Motorists

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Automobile safety is one area of an automobile that has received much attention in the past years. The number of fatalities in the past decades as result of traffic accidents led to the development of safety features for automobiles. Before safety was made a prime concern for vehicles, there have been no seat belts or airbags to protect victims of traffic crashes.

Currently though, car makers are making safety one of their foremost concerns in designing and manufacturing vehicles. One of the most renowned car makers that specialize in safety is Volvo - the company has made safety their first priority when it comes to their products. Volvo and a host of car manufacturers have created ways to protect passengers and drivers of vehicles in cases of collision.

Today, seat belts, head restraints, air bags, and a host of other features are integrated into mass produced vehicles. These safety features have become a must have for automobiles. Currently though, these safety features are not yet enough to cut down the number of fatalities as a result of traffic accidents.

In 2001, the Bureau of Transportation compiled over 42,000 fatalities as result of traffic accidents. Of the total number of fatalities, 500 persons died while they were still trapped inside the vehicles. In their case, the seatbelts and the construction of the car that was meant to protect them have caused indirectly their death.

In relation with that, new products appear in the market which is aimed for cases of entrapment in a car after an accident. One of these is the LifeHammer®. The LifeHammer provides a means for trapped victims to get out of their car to safety. The device has steel points which are designed to shatter side windows with one powerful strike. It is also equipped with a razor sharp blade which can cut through seat belts easily. The device is compact and it also offers good service when it is needed. It can be easily installed on a car's dashboard. The device is also easily visible thanks to its luminescent pin.

Another similar device is the ResQMeâ„?. The ResQMe is based on the LifeHammer and comes in a very small package. It is equipped with a center punch that can break windows and it also comes with a blade than can cut through jammed seat belts.

These tools are designed for use when a victim is trapped inside wrecked vehicles. When safety features, good driving skills, and equally good are not enough to keep motorists safe from meeting accidents on the road, these devices can save the day. With more and more motorists focused on driving safety, devices such as the LifeHammer and the ResQMe are definitely very welcome in the market.