Volkswagen to Re-launch Phaeton in North America

by : Benjamin Hudson

In the year 2002 when Volkswagen Phaeton was introduced in the world it was considered a breakthrough for the brand since it was the first time for the Wolfsburg-based manufacturer to build such a large, sophisticated, and expensive vehicle. The Volkswagen Phaeton has become a blessing and a curse for the automaker. The Phaeton proved to be what the automaker hoped it would be----the 'Best'--- but amidst its perfection it has somewhat brought a dark cloud over Volkswagen because instead of bringing in more sales for VW it has slowed down sales until the time came for the automaker to decide to stop the sales of the Phaeton for North America at the end of 2005.

But it looks like things are finally turning around for the Phaeton as according to media reports Volkswagen will again try for the second time around its luck in North America by sending its Phaeton back but this time making it even more luxurious. Will Europe's largest automaker succeed this time is not yet clear.

In an interview with the financial news provider, Bloomberg, Andreas Meurer, Volkswagen's of America's spokesperson said that the company has intentions of reintroducing the Phaeton to the US market. Furthermore, the Financial Times Deutschland reports that in an interview with VW's CEO Dr. Martin Winterkorn, he said that in order for the car to be successful it needs to be introduced worldwide. The Bloomberg article did mention that the Phaeton vehicle will not be a new modified Phaeton but the previous model introduced and stated further that the vehicle is expected to arrive before the turn of the decade.

The launching and sale of the Phaeton is just a small part of the whole Volkswagen equation and in fairness to the automaker it has been successful with its move upscale. Take for instance the Touareg which was a surprising hit for the automaker, the Passat was also a best seller for VW and carries the image of being more than just an average midsize car. To give Volkswagen with the edge in the high-end luxury market, it will have to try to differentiate itself from its rivals. The Phaeton on its own is a fantastic luxury sedan and demonstrates just what the Volkswagen brand is capable of.

Volkswagen has been very successful with its fusion of qualities, design, capabilities, and performance. It was even able to mate a fastback or wagon with a TDI powered engine and go further by creating a combination of diesel and hybrid drivetrain. If the automaker can do the same for its Phaeton then it would be able to differentiate itself from the other luxury vehicle out there since it would be gaining the attention and interest that it needs due to its unique traits.

With regards to the new Phaeton four-door model, Volkswagen has launched the brand new 2008 model at the Geneva Motor Show bears a mild facelift that includes an adaptive xenon headlamps, with LED daytime running lights plus some new LED tail lamps and a restyled front grille that will surely put it more attuned to the rest of the Volkswagen lineup. And speaking of being in line with the rest of VW, the Phaeton will have the same quality VW auto parts such as the popular which upgrades the suspension system of any VW vehicles. Different VW model calls for specific and Volkswagen makes sure that every component that it adds on its vehicles have undergone strict quality test. This is the automaker's way of maintaining quality in its range.