Cadillacs Smaller Suv: the Srx

by : Anthony Fontanelle

The American motoring public is slowly turning their backs on gas guzzling sport utility vehicles. The skyrocket increase in the price of gas for the past two years have affected the way most car buyers choose new cars. But there are still those who are looking for the versatility and the performance of large vehicles like SUVs.

In response to this, car makers continue building better sport utility vehicles. One car manufacturer who is still churning out SUVs is the legendary Cadillac brand. The luxury brand has two sport utility vehicles: the Escalade - known for its size and popularity among NBA players and rappers, and the smaller SRX.

The SRX may lack the size that the Escalade boasts around but this smaller SUV offers performance and luxury that surely makes it at par with the Escalade if not for popularity. It shares the same platform with the GMC Acadia, but since the SRX is a Cadillac, it offers more luxury features. The vehicle is configured as a rear-wheel drive vehicle but an all wheel drive configuration is available.

Consumers also have a choice as to what engine to equip their SRX with. The selection is composed of a 3.6 liter V6 engine and a 4.6 liter Northstar V8. The immense amount of power from these engines can be transferred to the wheels via two available transmissions. For the V6, a five-speed automatic can be fitted while for the V8, a six-speed automatic transmission is available. Both engines are capable of producing much power that brake components from can handle efficiently and with ease.

The combination of the engine and their corresponding transmissions gives drivers the convenience of gear shifting. The SRX can handle hill climbs without sorting to manual transmission due to the low end torque provided by the engine. The Cadillac SRX is engineered to offer the optimum in performance, thanks to its highly reliable drivetrain. And since the SRX is a Cadillac, one can be sure to find good luxury features.

Indeed, Cadillac took care of the luxury features of this car just like it does with the Escalade. The seats are comfortable with good back and side support. The seats offer comfort even on long drives. They are also heated for those cold winter drives. Aside from steering, the steering wheel is where drivers can control the audio entertainment system in the vehicle. Cadillac designed the audio controls to be integrated into the steering wheel in a spot where drivers will not accidentally hit them.

Another luxury feature that the Cadillac SRX boasts of is a sunroof which covers the first two rows of seats. For those who like to sit back and relax on an SUV with great performance, the SRX is the right vehicle. You also do get to enjoy the warmth of the sun as you drive along with your sunroof open.