Auto Escape Tools: Dont Get Trapped in your Car!

by : Lauren Woods

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics' last publication in 2001, there were over 42,000 crash fatalities and that means there is almost one death every 12 minutes. Approximately 500 of these individuals died while powerlessly trapped inside their vehicles.

Getting trapped inside the car is a serious situation and could further lead to graver results. To prevent injuries and fatalities, road authorities recommend that vehicle owners should be equipped with auto escape tools. These simple tools could save lives.

Two of the life saving car tools available these days are the LifeHammer(R) "The Original Escape Tool" and the ResQMe(TM), the keychain version. These tools aim to deliver a real response to the increasing demand for safety.

Traveling carries with it greater risks. Hence, it is better for car occupants to have a handy tool to protect them in case of emergencies. The tool will give them the peace of mind that travelers they deserve.

It is not enough that vehicles are stylish, high performing and affordable. The purchaser should also look into the safety features the car is offering. Most of the automakers nowadays are putting emphasis on safety before producing vehicles. As a fact, auto parts are now refined and accessories are now introduced to bolster safety and protection. Air bags, alcokeys, , seatbelts with pretensioners, and other car systems are featured by different automakers not only for the efficiency of the vehicle but also for security and safety.

The LifeHammer(R) delivers a fast and efficient escape from an upturned, submerged, or immobilized vehicle. Its accurate steel points cut windows with one strike. The razor-sharp blade slashes easily through jammed seatbelts. The auto escape tool is compact, easy to install, and always conspicuous on the dashboard or console because of its luminescent pin. The LifeHammer(R) delivers a simple solution to a fatal problem: entrapment.

Another auto escape tool called the ResQMe(TM) is inspired by the LifeHammer(R). The tool is a revolutionary hand-held rescue device that is equally powerful as its predecessors despite being tiny. A powerful center-punch cuts side windows and slices through a jammed seatbelt to avoid auto entrapment. ResQMe could be attached to a keychain so that car occupants are always prepared for the unexpected.

The LifeHammer(R) and the ResQMe(TM) are proven auto lifesaving tools. They are essential factors to pull down road accidents and fatalities. "Both these must-have tools are a 'Gift for Life,' that could very well save one!" says Laurent Colasse, the President of NOV8. The LifeHammer(R) which is manufactured in the Netherlands is priced from $14.95 to $19.95. The ResQMe(TM), manufactured in the United States, has a suggested retail price of $9.95 to $14.95.

But those features will not guarantee utmost protection. There has to be considerable amount of cautiousness and vigilance.