3 Places not to Go When you Sell a Car

by : Paige Filler

Car Dealerships

Mainly because of their industry, car salesmen have a bad reputation in general. Sure, there are some car salesmen out there who are great people, contribute to charity, good with children, but bottom line; they still sell cars for a living. Point being, if someone wants to sell a car and they go to a dealership they will have to interact with a salesman whose one goal is to sell them a car. They don't care that you want to sell a car, all they care about is the new vehicle they want you to buy.

Particularly this coming year of 2007, it has been predicted that used car sales will rise as new car sales decline. This means that those car salesmen at dealerships will be chasing their customers with added desperation trying to defeat those projections. Do yourself a favor when you want to sell a car and avoid the headache and potential purchase that comes along with a dealership

The Local Newspaper

While it may seem simple to place an ad in your local rag and deal with individual buyers yourself, beware of the many issues that may arise from this avenue. To begin with you are forced to reveal your contact information, which lets face it, in this day and age can be a bad idea. Not to mention that you are forced to meet with strangers (always do it in a crowded public place), and allow them to test drive your vehicle. This poses a liability problem to your insurance carrier, and could be a personal liability for obvious reasons.

In addition to close contact with strangers, there is also the issue of haggling, selling and convincing reluctant potential buyers, not to mention people who aren't serious about buying wasting your time. Another serious issue is payment fraud. Selling a big ticket item isn't something to be taken lightly and almost any type of payment you take can be fraudulent. If you must sell a car yourself be sure to only accept cashiers checks made out to you, and as an added step you should meet the buyer at the bank the check is drawn off of and never turn over the keys until you have negotiated the check and have cash (or another cashiers check you purchased) in your hand.

A High Visibility Parking Lot

Many people simply buy a 'For Sale' sign and slap it in a window of the vehicle they want to get rid of. Quite frankly, driving with a for sale sign in the window isn't a good way to advertise, talk about dealing with strangers. No one wants people yelling offers to them at stoplights, and while moving there is no way to make the copy large enough for passing vehicles to see.

Many people will take their car and its 'For Sale' sign and put it in a parking lot with high visibility and lots of traffic. Beyond the obvious angry business owners and parking violations, this is another method of selling that requires your contact information becoming public knowledge. Not only can that incur unwanted attention, but it also gives that angry business owner or code enforcement officer a quick and easy way to track you down.

There Is A Solution

It may seem hopeless when you want to sell a car, there are flaws with almost any method you use. However, the newest and perhaps the most easy alternative lies in your computer. The internet offers any number of websites that make selling your car a snap. Not only do most of them come to you, but many offer cash to sellers. Utilizing affiliates within the industries helps them to eliminate your footwork and get you a reasonable price.