How I Sold My Teachers Used Car in Less Than Two Hours!

by : Paige Filler

Class Project

Marketing teachers have always been dynamic, which is probably why I enjoy my marketing courses so much in school. One teacher in particular stands out to me, he made a big deal of utilizing real life examples to demonstrate his curriculum. Generally searing the concept into our ripe minds. His most recent brainstorm came last week when he told the class that whoever could sell his used car the fastest and for the most money would be excused from the midterm. This was not a 'sell a used car' lesson, this was a 'market value' lesson.

Everyone was game for the task and ready to get started, but there was just one question left to ask; what was the car and where was the car? The car was in the parking lot, and by the looks of it had been there a while, it was a ratty old Honda Accord that had seen better days. Everyone cringed as they saw it, but then the look of steely determination took over most faces, the idea of skipping a hefty midterm high in everyone's minds.

Method Options

This class met twice a week for two hours both times, he gave us this assignment at the beginning of the class period and told us to research our options and the market value of the vehicle, and to have something to show him by the end of the class period. Everyone went to work right away, some of the guys even borrowed a hose from maintenance and went to town washing the Accord in the hopes of raising its value.

I took another route, I jotted down all of the information about the vehicle, then I went directly to the computer lab. I had a secret weapon, the fastest way to sell a car is to go online. My sister had just sold her car to an online service, and had raved about how easy it had been.

Online Solution to a Real Life Problem

I went to their website and filled out their brief online form, which allowed the car to start accumulating bids right away. Then I called their 800 number to cover all my bases. The woman who answered the phone was very helpful and when I explained the project to her she was eager to help me win.

She said it was lucky I called when I did because they had an appraiser near the school who would be finished with his appointment shortly. She phoned him and asked him to come see my teachers Accord, sure enough he appeared in the parking lot 15 minutes later.

No Midterm For Me

My fellow students didn't know what hit them. I called my teacher out to the parking lot and less than half an hour later he had cash in his hand for his ratty old Honda. Not only did I eliminate one midterm off my schedule, but I earned the respect of a teacher I respected.