2007 Eos Convertible on Display at Showrooms

by : Natalie Anderson

American car shoppers will surely enjoy the spring for this year with them finding the remarkable 2007 Eos convertible displayed in showrooms.

The 2007 Eos convertible is the perfect ride for those who enjoy the sun. Volkswagen's Eos is beautifully designed at a price that is remarkably low -- to think that it's VW's first convertible with hardtop, rather than a fabric roof. Also integrated into the Eos hardtop is a fully functional sunroof which enables its driver to see and feel the sun through the sunroof glass on a not so hot spring day.

The Eos is also equipped with remarkable standard safety equipments such as an electronic stability control, rollover bars which are very useful in crashes, side air bags, and thorax, protection from side crashes. The manufacturer's suggested retail price of the Eos including the destination charge is $28,750---a great price for the 2007 Eos with manual transmission and 200 hp, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine.

Although the hardtop roof is considered by most buyers as complex, in terms of the security it provides, many consumers would agree that it is better than the usual fabric sunroof material which is easy for thefts to slash and grab. Plus in terms of durability, it simply cannot be denied that hardtop roof is more practical than fabric roofs.

The Eos hardtop is a steel structure with five panels of which includes the glass sunroof, that separate and stack in a sophisticated manner at the push of a button on the center console. It is also very easy to operate the Eos hardtop since it is controlled by hydraulics which took only 25-second to lower the roof. And even with the Eos roof down 6.6 cubic feet of space is left in the trunk and with the top up 10.5 cubic feet of space is made available.

For those who prefer automatic transmission, there is the Eos 2.0T with automatic with price starting $31,825. Interior options are also available for an extra fee of course; the leather seats or satellite radio an additional $3,490 to the car is required.

The Eos is built on the platform of the VW Jetta sedan and makes use of the same quality . But in terms of weight the Eos is 270 pounds heavier than the Jetta. The Eos is also tight in curves, moved steadily and well in control over bumpy roads compared to any convertibles. The Eos rides so well that Volkswagen warns drivers to keep track of their speedometers. The controls and gauges inside the Eos are well laid out which is typical in every Volkswagen vehicle.