The Avenger: New Dodge Super Hero

by : KatieJones

It is not a bird. It is not a plane. But this four-wheeled stuff does have a superhero name: The Avenger.

Remember the movie The Incredibles? In the Justice League, Superman there was Clark Kent, Batman is Bruce Wayne, Wonder Woman is Princess Diana, Flash is Barry Allen... and the list goes on and on. What about Avenger?

The Avenger is not a part of the Justice League. It does not even have notable powers. However, it boasts abilities that are beyond compare. This is the reason why auto enthusiasts are saying that the Avenger is Dodge's new super hero. So what is it avenging?

The Avenger sedan, officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show as a concept car, returns to showrooms as a 2008 model that is set to replace the troubled Stratus. The sedan shares the same DaimlerChrysler/Mitsubishi Motors dubbed as GS with its sibling Chrysler Sebring. The car will also replace the Charger as the automaker's car in this year's NASCAR.

The Dodge Avenger's base engine in the SE trim level is the 2.4 L naturally-aspirated "world engine." The engine is produced through the joint venture between DaimlerChrysler, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi. Other engines include the 2.7 L V6 in the SXT and a 3.5 L V6 in the R/T trim level.

The automaker intends to sell the Avenger worldwide. It will also be delivered to Canada since its predecessor was never sold in the territory. Aside from the 2.4 L "World Engine" and the V6s, the Dodge Avenger is also offered with the 2.0 L naturally-aspirated "World Engine", as well as a 2.0 L turbocharged common-rail diesel made by Volkswagen.

Basically, the Dodge Avenger is unleashed not just to avenge the sales of its predecessor, the Stratus, but to alleviate the standing of the automaker in general. The outgoing Stratus is likened to the Green Hornet. Though the Stratus is attractive than the latter, the Avenger is much gorgeous emphasized by its bold crosshair grille and muscular shoulders in the distinctive .

A working professional in mid-30s and earning around $60,000, could be easily charmed by the Avenger. Dodge has formulated a domino campaign to boost awareness and to tickle the desires of auto enthusiasts. Moreover, if one is exposed to the television, internet and video games, he would probably crave for an Avenger.

Dodge intends to expand its customer base hence the company is reaching out to the young generation of drivers. But the goal is not just to attract them to purchase but turn them into Dodge aficionados fastened by loyalty and confidence. Scion, Toyota Motor Corporation's luxury division, has expertly wowed the generation Y. That kind of auto success is Dodge's goal with the Avenger.

The Avenger R/T is aimed at improving sales of the ailing Chrysler Group. Moreover, it is serving a good solid effort to realize the goal. Enthusiasts say it is definitely better than the Stratus that it replaces. Avenger may not save the humanity but Dodge dealerships are delighted to know that the car is on their side.

The Avenger is not quite as fast as The Flash however owners say it is darn quick. The 3.5 liter V-6 engine generates 235 horsepower and 232 lb.-ft of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission which can be shifted manually to keep the engine rev up properly.

Dodge's pool of engineers stiffened up the suspension on the R/T to enhance the car's reflexes. The car is also equipped with cool amenities and accessories like the heated and cooled cup holder, standard Chill Zone above the glove box. The Avenger with fabric seats features the YES Essentials. According to the designer, the material will not be stained by coffee, lipstick, red wine and motor oil.