Chrysler: Hard to Break Up Says CEO

by : Lisa Ziegler

Dieter Zetsche, the chief executive of DaimlerChrysler said that it would be hard to break up Chrysler. For weeks, speculations that the company's incorporated production system is the only thing that binds its various brands together. In an interview at the Geneva Motor Show, Zetsche said that Chrysler is very well integrated. "The technical lines like plat forms do not go along the same lines as brands. The less they are aligned with brands, the more difficult it would be to think of any separation" Zetsche added. He was making a deep observation without commenting on the options regarding on how DaimlerChrysler might be competent in selling Chrysler unit and it was confirmed that three weeks ago, the prospect was being taken into consideration. Rather than pull out a single unit such as Jeep, DaimlerChrysler is eager to drop a single unit of Chrysler.

Like a , Zetsche lit up and provided an open door to whirling off Chrysler Financial, leasing arm and its loan stating that "there are different models" on how to run the financing sector of an automaker. It separates the home company among them.

Since February 14, a lot of speculations about Chrysler's prospects in the future have been the source of agitation for many investors. They are keeping all their options for its American unit, which in fact lost 1.5 billion last year in under their supervision.

At the Geneva Motor Show, Zetsche's appearance was the most awaited event since the company kept silent about their future plans. He was criticized as a deal maker rather than a "car guy" which is a new and to some extent embarrassing role for him. Car shows are venues where he can showcase his showmanship. Like a few years ago when he was gratified to introduce and promote Chrysler's new model, he smashed a glass using an electric guitar.

Chrysler's competency in the market can still stand up from its frustrating times and still be unbreakable. Whether the future of DaimlerChrysler still has its dark clouds ahead is something we all have to see.