Volkswagen Golf Variant Premieres at the Geneva Motor Show

by : Benjamin Hudson

Volkswagen will be presenting some of its new innovative models at the 77th Geneva Motor Show which include the Golf Variant. For the last 45 years, Volkswagen has been producing vehicles with extra-large cargo areas which they call Variant. An addition to the Variant range is the new Golf Variant which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show and is scheduled for release in Europe this summer.

The Volkswagen Golf Variant reflects an ideal balanced of interior and exterior dimensions. And with the net cargo installed it can accommodate 690 liters of cargo even with five passengers on board. And once the rear bench seat is folded the interior height that measures 0.83 meters is utilized to store up to 1,550 liters of cargo.

The Golf Variant is considered to be a fusion of new and classic styling elements that distinguishes this range from other car design. The rear end of the Golf variant shows a new side of Volkswagen Golf and while half of each taillight is integral to the rear hatch on the other body versions of the model series, the Golf Variant integrates the rear hatch entirely in the fender to emphasize the large load width of the hatch opening.

Volkswagen-Europe's largest carmaker and manufacturer of the popular --- will offer the Golf Variant with one gasoline and two diesel engine options. The gasoline engine produces 75 kW/102 PS while the two diesels of the Golf Variant produces more power at 77 kW/105 PS and 103 kW/140 PS-they are considered as the most efficient engines ever with remarkable fuel economy. The smaller of the two TDIs consumes 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers while the large TDI is environmentally friendly as it is fuel efficient. The Golf Variant can reach a top speed of 205 km/h and consumes 5.6 liters fuel per 100 kilometers. Its CO2 emissions record 148 g/km.