All New Nissan X-trail Revealed in Geneva

by : Mike Bartley

At this year's International Geneva Motor Show, the Nissan Motor Company has chosen to use the event as the venue for unveiling the newly updated and all new Nissan X-Trail. And according to the company this new one would be coming with loads of new features plus it would also be offering owners and users a better performance, more convenience, exciting comfort and quality as well as lower fuel consumption and emissions.

"Customers love X-trail's convenience, its practicality, its strong performance and off-road capability. When we planned the new X-Trail, we were determined to keep those X-Trail roots, but enhance the entire vehicle," explains Carlos Tavares, the executive vice president of the company for corporate strategy and product planning. Tavares mentioned such during the press conference which Nissan held as part of the unveiling of the vehicle.

Despite the claims that this Nissan X-Trail is all new, most people still can make out that definite characteristic which reminds most of us of the old model. Of course, with the previous one being quite a hit in the market, Nissan still had to retain some portions of the old version. That way, people would still be reminded that the new one is still the same old Nissan X-Trail, only made better.

If you are asking about the kind of power that this one has, we all would have to wait for Nissan has yet to inform the public about its power source and just how powerful it can be. Plus, most of the parts under the hood have to be revealed. But we all sure do know that this vehicle is not going to come using .

Taking a quick chance to gaze at the interior of the vehicle, one would find that the vehicle really does provide utmost comfort. Plus, the materials used inside sure do look like quality ones so owners would not have to worry about experiencing damages to the owner after a day of traveling with the kids or with their pets.

For long trips, the Nissan X-Trail is not going to disappoint you. In fact, you are going to be quite surprised with the amount of cargo that this vehicle can hold. Inspect the trunk of the vehicle and you would see that it has got a larger and more spacious trunk where you can put in all of your luggage and equipment.