Lojack Educates Motorists in Securing Their Vehicles

by : Anthony Fontanelle

The number of vehicles being stolen in the United States is very alarming in spite of the steps being taken by concerned government and private agencies. A recent study reveals that there is one vehicle being stolen in the country every 26 seconds.

In an effort to cut down the number of vehicle theft, LoJack Corporation has launched an education campaign to help motorists keep their vehicles safe from automobile thieves. The company that recently recovered their 100,000th stolen vehicle has launched the first installment in its series of educational podcasts. The series will tackle the ways that can be done by motorists so as to keep their vehicles safe and secured from being stolen.

The said educational podcasts are aimed to instruct the younger generation of vehicle owners. The effort to educate the young motorists of America is an opening out of their vehicle theft safety education program. The program already consists of surveys, annual theft studies, seminars, and booklets. All of these tools are aimed to arm motorists with the right amount of knowledge so that they can prevent the theft of their vehicles.

Listening to the educational podcasts is simple. The company invites consumers to visit their web site which can be accessed through and click on the "Get the facts on Vehicle Theft" button. Then they will enter the Knowledge Center for Vehicle Safety page where they can find tools that LoJack has designed to educate the public. Information at the Knowledge Center includes fast facts, recent studies, surveys, statistics, protection tips, and also a series of original booklets intended to help motorists understand the "who, what, and where" of vehicle theft.

The first podcast of the series is hosted by a former state trooper and a first-time car owner. Both of them are LoJack employees. They will talk about how motorists can secure their vehicles from automobile thieves. The podcast aims to help cut down the number of vehicles being stolen due to lack of protection from its owner. If the podcasts prove to be a success, the educational program will serve as an in stopping auto thieves right on their tracks.

D.J. Thompson, the LoJack Law Enforcement Manager for the Eastern Region, has this to say about the educational program: "Our goal is to educate young car owners about the reality of auto theft-who the thieves are, what type of autos they steal, and most importantly, what can be done to protect their vehicles. We want to arm everyone-but especially this segment of the car-buying population-with the understanding that anyone can be the victim of vehicle theft. Providing consumers with this type of information is another example of how LoJack is empowering consumers to fight back against the professional thieves who are responsible for most vehicle theft."