Mercedes-benz to Unveil Its Vision C 220 Bluetec

by : Dwyane Thomas

For the Geneva Motors Show, Mercedes-Benz-a German brand name of automobiles, trucks, coaches, buses and quality Mercedes auto parts like -- has lined up a treat for car enthusiasts. And to start with it will present its highly environmentally compatible BLUETEC emission control technology which is combined with a four-cylinder engine that provides an amazing amount of fuel economy that will surely be a first in the industry. The Vision C 220 BLUETEC is also designed in compliance with the even made stricter EURO 6 emission standard which is going to be implemented to all new vehicles in Europe from 2015.

The Vision C 220 BLUETEC can rev up 125kW or 170 hp and delivers a potent torque of 400 Nm. It is also a remarkable fuel-saver requiring only 5.5 liters of diesel per hundred kilometers traveled and this is due to the modified diesel engine technology and intelligent system of energy management.

According to Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of DaimlerChrysler AG and Head of the Mercedes Car Group, "The sophisticated four-cylinder diesel engine with BLUETEC emission control is a prime example of leading-edge, future-compatible technology. Our diesel strategy is an effective answer to the question of how to save fuel and, therefore, CO2, how to further reduce all exhaust emissions including Nox and yet still ensure effortlessly superior driving employment. In this respect, we believe our state-of-the-art diesel concept is currently the best and most efficient solution available."

The Vision C 220 BLUETEC is Mercedes-Benz way of showing the public of the remarkable development and advancement that would transpire within the carmaker for the coming years. The BLUETEC initiative was first launch in the US last autumn with the introduction of the E 320 BLUETEC in North America. The debut of the Vision C 220 BLUETEC at the Geneva Motor Show will be the second world debut for Mercedes-Benz BLUETEC initiative.

The E 320 BLUETEC that was earlier introduced in the US last October 2006 was presented in conjunction with the introduction of low-sulphur diesel in US. The E 320 has a fuel consumption of 6.7 liters per hundred kilometers traveled making it as one of the most economical vehicles in its class in the US. The E 320 is also the first four-cylinder BLUETEC model created by Mercedes-Benz which clearly illustrates the remarkable innovative technology that the automaker has. Mercedes' BLUETEC initiative will also be introduced in other markets but at present it is adapted in Europe to meet market requirements.