Consumers Want Better Performance With Greater Gas Mileage

by : RyanThomas

The automotive industry is constantly changing. And so are consumers' wants and needs when it comes to a vehicle. When it comes to buying a car, the trend by which consumers choose their car is constantly changing. Different factors affect their decisions and currently, consumers are concerned so much about the increasing prices of gasoline. This is evident in the results of recent surveys conducted by different institutions. More recently, conducted an online survey to learn what the reasons are for car buyers when buying a new one.

The result is synonymous with other polls conducted. But the online survey found out that consumers want two contrasting attributes in their new car. Tied for first place in the poll is the need for a car with better gas mileage and a vehicle that comes with a better performance. Now, these two attributes are hard to find in one specific car since high performance cars usually have poor fuel economy. In essence, this is because they need more power than other regular cars. This need for power translates to more fuel being burned thus lowering their gas mileage.

The online survey had 258 respondents and 84 of which said that they want their next car to have better gas mileage than their current cars. This may be because of the increasing prices of gasoline that is most possibly taking its toll on the pockets of car owners as well as the increasing environmental awareness spreading all over the world. This means that the majority of car buyers are responding to the call for immediate addressing of the global warming issue that has confronted the world.

The fact that better gas mileage sits on top of the reasons why consumers want to buy a car is not surprising. What is unexpected is that the reason is tied for first place with a car attribute that seems to be the antithesis of better gas mileage. Out of the 258 respondents of the online poll, 84 also said that they want their next car to have better performance. This is may be due to the fact that most of the respondents are from the US and the world knows how Americans want their cars to be. Awesome acceleration, tight cornering capability, and responsive braking are just some of the traits of the perfect American car. All these come with a demand for more fuel.

While these two attributes may be hard to find on most cars today, the advent of hybrid technology seems to be the way to put these two together. Case in point is that the Lexus GS 450h has been dubbed as a hybrid muscle car. This hybrid car combines great performance and good gas mileage. In spite of the fact that the car is a hybrid, it still can go from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in just 5.5 seconds. This is even faster than some non-hybrid cars. While the Lexus GS 450h can attain a great acceleration and good top speed, it has a gas mileage rating of 28 miles per gallon. Of course drivers can also install aftermarket parts to make their cars perform better and get better gas mileage.

The study also found out that a significant number of their respondents want to buy a new car because their current cars need a lot of repairs to get them to perform well. Seventy of the 258 respondents cited this reason why they are looking for a new car.

The next reason why consumers are looking for a new car is because they want to have a new car with a better exterior styling. Of course they can just use aftermarket parts like to make their current cars look good.